Seedling growing in a weird way

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Spindaddy, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. I planted my seedling about 5 days ago and got better lights growth of leaves seems normal but the stem is curving. I don't know of that can kill a seedling or not

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  2. That seedling is stretching due to insufficient light. Probably curving as you move the plant or light around. Shouldn't hurt the plant, but definitely evaluate your lighting.
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  3. Add more dirt to the cup and bury it a lil
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  4. Like stated above it due to it stretching looking for the light either add light/lumens/watts or bring your lights down closer to your seedling or raise it up closer to the light.. Please don't forget to keep an eye on the temp at the top of your seedling and or just keep a close eye on the growth over the next hour or so see how it's reacting to the light if no results dont move it closer leave it there for 24h from last checking it but continue to check as often as possible to make sure no heat stress or burn is being done cuz that'll result in gg

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  5. Also what are u growing in and with looks like a PC tower stealth grow?? May we see plus get some info on ur grow

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  6. It is a pc tower yes

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