Seedling Feeding Question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Indikid, May 23, 2013.

  1. I have my auto flower seedlings going, 8 days from germination, and 3/5 are showing good growth, with the start of the third set of leaves. One of the 2 behind I stressed and slowed growth, just starting the growth of its second set, and the other I simply started a few days late. 

    That anecdote aside, I am wondering when to begin feeding them a seedling nutrient solution. I have read that the cotyledon contain all the nutrition needed for the first 2 weeks of growth. 

    So my question is, should I wait to see a nutrient deficiency (yellowing in the leaves) to begin feeding my

    seedling solution (Grotek Kick Start)? 
    I have just been watering them with PH'd water (5.8-6), with minute doses of Rhizotonic to encourage some 
    root growth with the plants and they seem to be responding well. I am just wondering, as I know it is better
    to under-do nutes with auto's than over do it.  I am growing in Canna Coco, so I know I will need to be on
    top of my nutrient regimen when they start needing it, but if it's best to just let them use the nutrients within
    themselves for the first week or two, that's what I'll end up doing.

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