Seedling/early veg sufficient??

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  1. this year i wana try fluoros... the 2 foot Sunblaze T5 strip its 24 watts but doesnt say the number of lumens... anyone have any experience with these lights?? or they seem to have pretty legit prices...


  2. Link what light your looking at.
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    The 3 bigger plants were started from seeds about 1 1/2 to 2 months ago and the 6 smaller ones were some clones that I got a few weeks ago that were maybe 3-4 inches tall. The 3 bigger ones are going to get cloned for upcomming summer grow and then whats left will be put in my main grow room to finish them out. The 6 smaller ones are also gonna be going outside for summer grow. The link below is the T5 set up I have.

    Hydrofarm - Hydrofarm FLP48 T5 4Ft/8-Tube Designer System w/ Bulbs

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  5. yeaaa i have a 31 inch wide ten inch deep 20 inch tall grow space for this so im thinkin two or three of the above listed lights for 5-10 plants... ONLY THE THE FIRST 6 INCHES OR SO OF GROWTH I KNOW THAT THEY WILL NOT SUFFIDE FOR LARGER GROWTH!!!!
  6. Sunlight Supply: SUN BLAZEâ„¢ T5 - 24 FLUORESCENT LIGHTING FIXTURE 2' - 4 LAMP (23. [960295] - Fluorescent Lighting - Lighting Systems - Discount Specialty Farm, Greenhouse & Garden Supply Store - Horticulture Source

    this is what i would get. I have the 4' big brother and it rocks. I have 8 plants that are a month old, 4 plants that are 2 months old, 1 mom thats 3 months old and 12 cuttings. its a great system and the smaller 2 foot model would work great for you and you would not have to worry about vegging.
  7. good shit, thats exactly what im lookin for thanks for not tryin to send me in a different direction ha... seems like alota times on here instead of people helping u make ur way right they try to get u to use their method...

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