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  1. Ok, so I planted a germinated seed in a 16 oz solo cup with a hole in the bottom for drainage, I use miracle grow vegetable and flower or something. The plant is bagseed and is now 2 weeks old and is very small. It has two fan leaves and two rounded ones and is growing two more fan leaves. The tips of the first two fan leaves and most of the rounded leaves are brown and crispy. I think it's miracle grow that is burning the leaves. I'm using 4 cfl's 67 watts total and a computer fan for outtake and passive intake. I just bought Jiffy Organic Seed Starting Mix, and I'm wondering if I can transplant the seedling in the new soil. Will it even help, or is there nothing I can do for the seedling. when the plant was five days old it had no burns or anything it looked healthy, but I left for a 8 day vacation so the plant went 8 days without water. When I came back that's when I first noticed the burns. The plant is now 15 days old, and is growing very slowly it's only about 1.5 inches tall. Any help or advice is appreciated.
  2. If you transplant now the shock will kill flush the soil and wash the nutes out about 1ltr would do it. How far are your lights away
  3. My lights are abou 2 1/2 inches away. What do you recommend I do?
  4. I think you said your using 4 cfls at 64w each are these actual watts or equivalent watts we will start with them have you got pics
  5. picture002.jpg picture003.jpg picture004.jpg picture005.jpg I do have pics but there kind of crappy.  2 of the cfl's are 20w and the other 2 are 14w and 13w. So a total of 67 actual watts.
  6. Right for those lights you growth is about right so no really problem, but you should aim for around 90-100w. I see in you pics your using tin foil, get rid no good. What you need is highly polished metal, mylar, dull white paint inside a box.

    Soil wise do you recall what kind of nutes where there and what the npk levels are

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  7. I've just reread and see its MG soil I think you'll be best to try and flush the soil so 1st you need to know how much soil you have in your pot from the looks its a party cup so I think there about 12-16 oz cups looking at it you got it around 3/4 full. What's your drainage like?

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  8. I can't find the npk on the miracle grow bag. I didn't add anything, I just scooped up the soil with the cup. As for the tin foil, I'm planning to replace it with maybe an emergency blanket. If I flush the plant do you think It would start growing faster?
  9. My drainage is just a hole a made in the middle. I don't know how to flush so could you give me some instructions on it?
  10. basically a flush intails getting pure water with nothing added and running it through your soil. from the size of your cup i would say go for about half a litre, let it drain then leave it wait till the soil is almost completely dry, repeat the process once more, this should remove 85-90% of the nutes out the soil. Keep it under your lights whilst found this to minimise stress. What light cycle are you using hour of light to hours of dark. I.E light on for 18 dark for 6. This is known as 18/6 during dark time does any light get to your plant at all

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  11. Oh and when watering normally never saturate the soil just keep it moist and let it dry out a little before adding any extra water

    I ain't gonna lie I'm on my first grow I'm still learning but all that I've learnt I will gladly pass to you

    If you want to see mine and read through it its in indoor grow titled my first grow diary

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  12. The lights are on 24/0 haven't turned them off since I planted. Do you think I need to make more holes for drainage. I only have tap water, do I just pour half a liter into the soil.
  13. Make a few more small holes and then go for it, try and take note of how much you get out. say if you put 1/2ltr in and you get 1/2ltr back out that would be good as you will have got a good flush, but pour it quite slow rather than chucking it all in in one go if you know what i mean.

    Not everyone would say that was a good light cycle, but as your slightly under powered watts wise it might do some good. once we get some decent growth back, then we will look at lowering down to 20/4 for a bit, then 18/6 till it's ready for flowering. We are a little off that for now but we'll go into that more later on.
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  14. Ok I will try the flushing in a little while. Thanks for all ur replies!
  15. No worries people have helped me out with mine, and feel I should pass on to help others out with what I have learnt. As I'm a little ahead of you I will try and guide you through to harvest, but i must insist you try and research as much as you can as with this the more you know the better you will be for next time.

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  16. Do you think a should flush ASAP or wait until the soil dries cuz I know over watering can kill the plant.
  17. How damp is your soil at present
  18. Pretty moist, I think a should wait a day.
  19. Morning Bozie, morning Ss. So its looking very stunted. Listen to the advice Bozie gave you but I'd just use that seed as a learning tool now seeing as its bagseed and looks about 2 days old rather than two weeks. Get more light, plant another seed in better soil with added perlite. Even if that one scrapes through, growth will be slow to non existent, yield will be tiny amd it may even be male or hermie, so plant more and give it a better start.

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  20. I agree. Is perlite absolutely necessary?

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