Seedling Death

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chilltown, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. Hey all I have some nice little orange crush seedlings I just started. One of them (the biggest) was pushing past 6 cm's then I woke up today and the thing was flopped over in the soil. I dug it up and buried it further down, putting more of the stalk in the ground, the plant has a nice huge root system for it's age but for some reason it just flopped over and started wilting. My friend said he thinks it's just a lack of sunlight and whence the sun comes out again it'll shoot back up but I'm still skeptical anyone have any other possible causes? I think I may have overwatered it or fertilized it
  2. i know how you feel. mine was at about 6 inches and when i woke up it was drooped over too, and now its dead. i was told it had to do with over watering, and when i think about it it makes sense. what i was told is that you should water it when: stick your finger about an inch into the soil, and if its dry, then it need to be watered. also what kind of light regiment do you have it on? if your just putting it in the sun during the day and not putting any light on it at night then that is the problem too. when its in veg. then you need to have it on at least 18/6. but 24 is really better. my friend went from germination to about 4 inches in a week, i didn't believe him until i saw it, but he had it on 24 hr light and i think that really helped it. sorry to hear about what happened, im no expert but she may be gone, i was told you can try and cut the stem at the dead part, and then put it on 24 hr light, but when i tried it, she was dead the next day, so you might want to get a second opinion on that. good luck, hope you can get her back up again. peace out.
  3. Well it is still alive believe it or not, but it doesn't look in good shape, my friend the one that gave me the advice that when the sun returns she should come back knows a fair bit about growin so maybe I will take his word for it, hopefully the sun comes back tomorrow
  4. yeah, mine stayed alive for about four days until she finally bit the dust, BTW, what kind of lights do you have one them?
  5. Cool sheet, thanks for the advice
  6. So you tryin to say you had a seed that was over 6in long??? or was the plant 6in long??
  7. the plant dude.. the plant.

    take care.
  8. LOL I thought you were talking about the seed!
    lol. I was like damn, what the hell did you do to the plant!
    lol.<feels stupid lol>
  9. yah that sucks that it died i use to have a plant ha it was like 7 inches in like 2 three weeks it was nasty i grew it in my cellar all you really neeed is miracle grows shit ill some nice soil and a single light i was like 100 watt ..i almost lit the house on fire so i got caugh o well

    go to the park after dark and smoke that tumble weed as the marijuana burns we can take our turns singin dirty rap songs
  10. you should never have replanted it, you should have just to tried to work with it*****
  11. Its also good to have a fan blowing on you little guy this helps add stem strengh.

    live it love it learn it grow it

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