Seedling dark green with curling tips

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  1. Hi I'm a first time grower and as one I've been expecting to run into some issues so if anyone could give me some advice on this issue that would be awesome! I germinated my seed a few days before 6/1/2019. I placed the seed into the properly PH soaked rockwool that you see in the photos, placed it in a dome and left it in a warm dark place (about three). After not seeing any activity from the rockwool after that amount of time I carefully cracked open the rockwool to see if the seed had actually germinated or if it was bad. I was amazed to see not only had the root popped but looked to have started to drive down.

    A may have been rushing after that but I placed the rockwool into a netcup then placed the cup into a five gallon pail of PH'd water with nutrients for seedlings from Foxfarm's hydro schedule.

    Two tsp Big Bloom and one tsp of Grow Big Hydro. I also have my little plant on a 18/6 schedule, and nice fan circulation and not pointed directly at my little one. I'll admit that I hadn't been paying attention to the humidity and after things seemed to slow down after it sprouted I started looking into the issue. My humidity last night was at 30% and after finding out online that it should've been between 40%- 60% I promptly fixed that. After doing some research last night I found out that I might have "the claw" and darkening of leaves from nitrogen toxicity and I'm trying to fix it. I'm going to add some photos. Please tell me what you guys think.

    One a last night, one of the things I've done to try and fix my issue is removed the netcup from the pail, moistened the rockwool with spring water and raised my LED light so it wasn't too close.

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