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    hey guys got somthing iv never seen here b4..... went to bed last night with all 4 seedlings stood up and looking great, then today i open the grow room up and the blue OG looks like its being bent over (not like a heavy headed seedling ) this aint leaned over its actually bent and buckled in the middle of the stem

    seedling looks okish from it but i can see some minor damage to the stem, anyway not sure whats caused this as nothing has being knocked nor is the fan blowing to hard on them

    do you think i should stand it back up and support it or just leave it and hope it stands back up? i can see it is slightly turning up to the light so my instincts say leave it what ya think?

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  2. They're not getting enough light. Get them out of those clear cups. Repot them and bury the stems right up to the first set of leaves. The stems will grow roots. Light. Give them more light.

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