Seedling Cotyledons with brown spots

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  1. Sorry guys, I've browsed and searched the forum and couldn't find anything specific to this problem. There is a picture attached. This is my first time trying to grow, just a bagseed that I sprouted. It's outdoors all day, at the 33rd N latitude in Texas. I know it is late for outdoors, but I don't want it getting too big. It is planted in Kellogg's Organic Garden Soil, in a Solo cup for now, receiving about 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day and the rest it is shaded by neighboring plants. I am watering with bottled water from the local supermarket. "Purified drinking water" is what it says. Anyhow, can anyone help me maybe identify this problem, given the info?

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  2. Kellogg's is as bad as it gets. Not bashing just Kellogg's is a terrible bark chip filled crap. I'd get it into something else if you get the chance.
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