Seedling/ CFL Light problem

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  1. I always try to search about things before posting but couldn't seem to locate any threads on this issue. I have 17 seedlings in 2 small trays. I just transplanted them into soil party cups and they are looking great. Now here is the problem:

    I was talking to a friend tonight and he told me I have too many lights on them. I am running 2 Sun Blaze 2' 4 Bulbs. It stats 8000 lumens on each box and I have two of these lights over the girls. The lights are about 4 inches from the tops of the seedlings, the seedlings are 8 days old. One of my diesels, the biggest one to be exact got about 2" inches from the light and now the two first little pot leaves look like they are sagging on the end. Only one or two others look like this, the others look happy and straight.

    So tonight I pulled two of the light bulbs out of each housing, so in total I have 4 bulbs total vs the 8. I also lifted the lights about 7 inches off the plants since I don't have stretching problem.

    Are my babies okay?? [​IMG] This was my first grow and it was going to well. I didn't know there was such a thing as "too much" CFL because they run cool and weren't hot over the girls. I feel so sad. Damnit.[​IMG]
  2. pictures!
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