Seedling broke in between 1st node and starter leaves.

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  1. As the title says I accidently broke my seedling between the 1st node and the little starter leaves. It snapped clean off and was unable to repair. My question is will it live or is it dead? The starter leaves are still completely attached.
  2. Let me get a pic

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  3. There you go, this is day 2 after break.


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  4. I would leave it and see if you get two shoots. But maybe have one on standby as that's what I would do

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  5. Yeah it kind looks like it May have some new growth happening but I'm not sure yet. Also looks more like I broke at 1st node then just below it I started a few in mean time and will let this one sit for a few days and see. Thank man

  6. I wouldn't get rid yet at all as if I'm honest I think you have new shoots coming - possibly get some stress reliever like AN Revive as it's good stuff plus once you get another feed in you may see more growth

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  7. Set yourself back a bit but it will be fine. It's like a early topping. When those 2 shoots grow out just LST them away from each other. Once your plant focuses growth on those two shoots they should take off. Good luck and blessed growing!!!

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