Seedling bottom leaves yellow and spotty

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  1. Its a Jack Herer seedling and I started it in FFOF and looked good but was not growing so I transplanted it in FFS. It’s been 4 days and the bottom leaves have turned yellow and spotty. Please help me. I’m using a 300 LED grow light and water ph 6.87.

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  2. Soil looks dry and it need to move to a bigger pot. Just my thoughts
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  3. This little tiny gal is 19 days old.. Was told old soil was too HOT & transfered it to FOX FARM STARTER 4 days ago so was trying to give it time to grow.. it’s not too soon to transfer into my 3 gal pot?
  4. Idk I would say it depends on your watering skills since it is harder to get it right with a big pot and small plant. Is this a photo or an auto? Oh wait you said it is 14 days old in starter mix? It probably needs nutes. I would water that little cup till run off and wait a couple days to see what happens. From what people say around the forum those peat pots are no good, idk why I have never used them just a solo cup.
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  5. Tiny. Girls lol here's my 2 apart 51 days. They are about 7 in tall hahahahaha
    20190704_091014.jpg 20190704_091032.jpg
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