Seedling advice wanted: Lanky and droopy

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  1. These 12 - Day old seedlings are in coco, vermiculite, and just a touch of worm castings. Unfortunately, my fluorescents were too far away the first 2 days :( - so now they look like this:

    long stem.jpg

    And here you can see how I tried to correct the issue through training. I'm begining to think I sorta screwed myself for going for short plants. Maybe too early to train this way? Some seem ok and others aren't. Can I just bury this part when I transplant? Any thoughts? What should I do now - I'm thinking of removing the ties. :confused:

    droopy leaves.JPG


    Why the droopy leaves ? I've been careful not to over feed or over water. Are they dry?

    Not all are like that - perhaps its just the seeds? They are just straight bagseed.

    Any thoughts on feeding? I've got FF nutes to go when ready. Since the coco is inert should I start now?

    Thanks for the help:wave:
  2. I watered yesterday and the soil is wet all the way through, so underwatering should not be a problem at this point. Alot of leaves are still very droopy this morning, however.

    I forgot to mention- the light is 96W / 7k Lumens (approx) , about 2" away.

    I don't know what the deal is with these girls -- Any ideas ?

  3. keep the light close and dont overwater. they will bounce back in a couple days
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    Thanks pc,

    The flouro tubes are 2 - 3 inches now. I let them all but dry out - then watered ( and fed slightly) -- soaked them all the way through, last night. They are wilty this morning. I will let them dry again-- if the leaves don't pick up and perk up at some point durring the watering cycle, I'm gonna really be :confused:

    This morn:


    Notice the droopy new growth on the seedling straight ahead? And all the other droopy/wilty leaves?
    This is after being dry yesterday, then being watered thoroughly last night a few hours before the lights went out.
    There's possibly a nute def now too. I gave 1/4 strength big bloom last night with watering. Ph is around 6.3 going in and 6.7 out. Temps around 72 with 45% RH lately.

    Thanks for any help. :wave:

  5. I think a nute def is highly unlikely with plants this young. make sure you don't overfeed.
    the stems look kinda weak, do you have a fan blowing over them?
  6. Yeah, got the fan on them. -- They got elongated the first two days out of the ground when I had my lights too far away.

    I agree, except that they were planted in coco, not soil; so their is no nutes for them there -- its day 14 out of the ground. I don't know.


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