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  1. When starting the seeds off where will i need to put alot of light.
  2. under the big sun..
  3. i wasnt sure because i read somewhere u need to keep them in complete darkness
  4. I just posted a thread just like this in absoulte beggingers.

    Well basically once youve germinated the seed (the tap root starts to grow) then plant it into soil and expose that to light.

    When the plant is rougly 2 weeks old then transplant it to its main growing location.

    So basically when germinating keep the seeds in the dark. When the tap root starts to grow then put the seed into the pot of soil and thats when you start to expose it to sun.

    hope this helps.

  5. You are a genius

  6. oh.. i tho u were talking about seedlings, u know a stem with some leaves on the

    next time i need to read more
  7. keep seeds to be germinated soaking in water in a warm dark place for a couple of hours to a day, maybe 2 days, it shouldn't kill them, then place the seeds between wet /moist paper towel and leave between two plates and keep them warm for a few days, until the stem and root is showing about 1/4 of an inch then plant into soil with the tap root up wards and covering it with soil, this way the, tap root it grows up out the top and then down the side of the seed, you can also plant them stright down if u perfere.

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