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  1. so i have a nice plant that id like the growth and bud off of. and i have a male that is in veg 24h light ready to go.
    all are brothers and sisters of each other.

    so my plan is to seed out the small inside buds that are small and not as potent. i just left about 16 inside buds on the plant. im hoping that it will live for the next month or so while my male starts its flowering process. so far so good...seems like its not giving it up yet.

    im just after my latest indoor grow and its outside bud season anyhow so i guess maybe its a good time to think about seeds for next year. ive also started 5 more seeds of the same brood just in case i dont get quality seeds off of what i have.

    one question i do have, what is typical for time from pollination to seed maturity?
  2. damn good question, I have never seen brought up before.

    I would think 4 to 6 weeks.
  3. id say 4+ aswell, just a guess from growing thai and losing the battle with picking the male flowers of it.

    if u give the male less than 12hrs light (like 10) u'll get pollon a lot quicker, all u need is a bit and it aint like ur growin buds 4 size is it. and if u turn the light up on the fem by an hour it will take longer to finish and u'll get more chance of better seeds and bigger buds! just a thought.
  4. so i have a male that is about 5 months old.

    i flowered it and saw the males so i choped it in 1/2 and put it back into veg light and there it sat for about 3 months with me topping it about every week.

    so i put in into flower light...3 days later i have flowers and id expect the pollen to be ready in about 5-6 more days. VERY FAST.

    and if its 4 weeks for the seeds to fully mature...i think im gonna need another plan cuz i dont think my plant that im gonna seed the small left overs is gonna last that long. but im still gonna go with the plan and see how it works. i have seedlings an inch hi now so i can flower them in about 25 days be some overlap there.

  5. shake ur male over a mirror, scrape up the pollon with a razor blade. put the pollon in a paper bag (helps keep it dry and fresh) put the paper bag in a airtight contaner and pop it in a cool place in the fridge. ive had pollon last 6mth like that. dont know how much longer than that it wud last cus thats the longest iv tryed.
  6. just a question why would you want pollen?im new at this so if this is a dumb question...well i dont really care if its a dumb question, could someone please enlighten me...also why would you want seeds? if you top your plant why wouldnt you just clone it?
  7. lots of reasons.

    to cross 2 good plants and get a new kinda plant.

    to get lots of seeds 4 an outdoor grow.

    dont have room 4 a mother so cant clone so seeds r needed.

    even the best mother will need replacin sooner or later. seeds from that plant will stand the best chance of givin u another 1 like it.

    to sell.

    to swap

    to eat! (mayb not)

    seeds r a good way of storing geans 4 later use

    have i missed anything?
  8. ok, now i completely understand, im learning more at this website than i ever learned in fucking horticulture...
  9. dealin drugs tought me math and how to convert metric to imperial and back again better than any teacher cud.

    drugs expand ur mind in more ways than 1...
  10. i can have a plant from seed ready to flower in about 28 days.

    ive found seeds to be very time and cost effective. and if a plant dies, i have somemore seeds
  11. well its completed.

    i seeded 2 diff plants of 2 diff ages.

    i got a crapper load of seeds and they mostly look like some nice seeds.

    the younger plant was by far more fertile. i quit counting after 50 and had alot left...i figure about 100-125 seeds.

    the elder plant didnt do as well and only produced about 25 seeds.

    as i was de-weeding my seed, my fingers got ultra sticky. this was very old budding blueberries. maybe 4.5 months into budding cycle by the time the seeds were ripe. after doing the younger plant, which took me about 2 hours and 2 bongs later, i came out of the haze just long enough to roll my fingers together to get a nice chunk of hash. i chopped it in half and smoked 1/2. well...needless to say, that was too much thc into my body at one time. i started getting very dizzy, like i was just so drunk that i couldnt stand sort of dizzy. after about 3-4 hours of that i finally got to bed.

    moral of the story?
    dont go down into my basement unless u have 4 hours to waste and strong mind :)
  12. i know im 5 years late but hahah!

    and thats depressing if you never learn anything helpful to growing bud in horticulture, cuz thats what i wanna do
  13. you look like an idiot when u bump a 5 year old thread. please dont do that

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