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  1. Anyone order from seedbay?
  2. yeah.. i got everything i won within 2 weeks of sending the money order out to the UK from the east coast US.

    good and stealth as well. I was really happy w/ everything and most definately use them next time i buy seeds.

    edit: this was pretty recent as well.. middle of April.
  3. the SHIT :D I love seedbay...its a valuble resource.... let me tell you why...

    my last grow i did a strain called "Ice Cream" from Paradise Seeds... I saw a picture of this strain in an issue of High Times magazine (was one of the centerfold pics)...I though to myself...this shit looks and sounds so fucking good, I'm gonna grow it....So I go to paradise seeds website and find the strain...Click on order and what happens??? SORRY we do not ship to the U.S. :eek: I almost went bizurk.. lol

    Then i came across a little site called SEEDBAY....and sure enough... they had the ICE CREAM stain...and I ordered them and got them in about 12 days....prettey damn fast...considering I had to send them a money order from West Coast to UK (they said they had future plans for CC payment...don't know if they have it yet)

    A lot of companies WILL ship to the U.S... but not all. so double check on SEEDBAY they might have what your looking for..They have a HUGE selection...usually consisting on the newest strains and tried and true classics.

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