Ligit or what?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by law_101, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. anyone ever heard of
  2. Very very legit. Not only that but you can read about what went into making the strains on their forum
  3. yeah seedbay is one of the best next to Dr Chronic.

    Have never had a seed packet lost.
    Shipping is always very quick and packaging fantastic!
    Excellent way to tie directly in with breeders!
  5. don't you have to like register and pay just to bid? isn't that subcools place? don't care for him......

  6. I've never bought from them but you don't have to pay to register. However, registration is required to look at the listings.
  7. Seedbay is run by Gypsy over at Very very legit and he quite often will feature either weekend specials or unique finds as he travels the world 'in search of'...

    The other nice thing is you get free seeds with each order...

    I find I get all addicted to surfing the site weekly to see what's new on the market... :)

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