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  1. yeah.... Mephisto; always expensive, always out of stock.

    bud structure was completely different. maybe the differences were more noticeable in real life.

    Like...these blue dreams... WTF

    No, they can not be trained to have 4 fill out a 5x5 like this.
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  2. Thanks for all the responses. I'm gonna do a lil research and decide what's best for me. Much love to all of yall.
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  3. 420JoeBlow i agree you will not fill out a 5x5 with 4 of them so if you are in a limited plant count state autos are probably not the best.. i am on my 4th auto run and I am still on the fence about autos.. you can not beat the quality of plant you can create with a photo period drain. I have had good and bad experiences with autos but i will likely always at least run a couple autos around my vegging plants. I just finished some fastbuds lemon pie that look really nice but lack in flavor.. the strains I have grown from mephisto have all been very top quality in all aspects just not large plants. Right now I am running some ethos auto flowers and they are going better than any I have had before. What has been the best autoflower you have grown? Mine is grapey walter from mephisto.
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  4. I have had good luck with Growers Choice.
    I've grown their Critical Purple and Tangerine Dream, and they were both good.
    I'll be growing CP again.

    GC isn't my first choice, but I think they are acceptable, and easy to get seeds from.
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  5. yes my biggest complaint for autos is lack of flavor, smell, and potency. They are usually very pretty but the way my weed looks is of no importance to me, i only care about quality. Fast buds gelato was the best of the like 20 different strains from a few different breeders. never ran mephisto- i hear great things but they only have a handfull of strains and are always expensive and out of stock. The thing with autos is that breeding quality is very hard because you cant run a hundred seeds, keep a clone of each, flower the mothers, find the best one and then just use that clone for breeding like you do with photos. every time you breed autos it is a fresh pollen chuck on a plant that is likely mediocre at best. you can breed photos, keep a mother, and if her seeds are fire, you can do the exact same breed again and make millions of seeds. even a shitty breeder can put out some amazing photoperiod genetics.
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  6. Well shit I am in luck then because I happe. To have 3 gelatos from fastbuds going right now.!!
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  7. yeah thats definitely one of their best strains. stay away from the zkittles.
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    These are my best gelato pics. one had tight dense nuggs the other was fluffier but both were pretty frosty and sticky and very similar smell/taste.

    IMG_4084.JPG IMG_4111.JPG IMG_3967.JPG IMG_3968.JPG

    But now im getting results like this from photoperiods under basically the same growing conditions.

    P2230097.JPG P2230109.JPG P2230104.JPG
  9. I would have to say, the strain i am looking forward to the most is gorilla cookies that I have from fastbuds. Pic is from fastbuds website just to be clear not my plant.
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  10. who knows might be ok. their zkittles pic and blackberry kush look amazing but the smoke is terrible. hell the plants even looked amazing when i grew them. "All show no go". better off smoking mexican brick weed.
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  11. I decided to go with Copa Project 25....its an early flowering strain and its within my budget. Thanks again, everyone.
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  12. just so u know, thats not feminized.
  13. Yeah, I prefer photoperiods...
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  14. If its Copa Genetics those are REGULAR seeds, Grower Mom. Not feminized photos.

    They usually are super healthy and vigorous (regs) but you must pull the males and kill them unless you are growing to produce seed!

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