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  1. I'm wanting to try a small grow this summer. I have a few seeds I found from some very nice blueberry mix I smoked a few months back. I'd still like to buy a pack of seeds. I'm looking for something not too expensive (less than $60) and I'm looking for something for indica dominate. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Check out leafly to find the type that interests you.
    They link most to their original seedbanks, if not somewhat reputable carriers.
  3. In usa ? What kinda seeds u looking for hybrid..sativa or indica ?

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  4. I'm in the US... I'd prefer a more indica leaning strain that's easy to grow. I like having a late night joint that helps me relax and sleep.
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  5. If Mephisto offers a AK-47 I'd recommend that one. It's an auto.
  6. Tbh, I'm on the fence when it comes to autos or fem plants. From what I've read, it seems like autos have really improved in the last several years but I'm kinda stuck in the photo period strains....but I try to keep an open mind. Thank you.
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  7. autos have improved but photos still dominate the game.

    $60 is a low budget... this is the best i can think of. code RIU10 gets 10% off
    Useful – Double Dipped Strawberries [FEM] | JBC Seeds
    Useful – Double D (ECSD x Choc D.) [FEM] | JBC Seeds
    Useful – Blue Dream x Choc. D [FEM] | JBC Seeds

    they have many payment methods, just email them.
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  8. I found most seed places run about $100. I’ve used growers choice not a big selection when I used them but the reason I did is because they offer 3 packs. To keep the cost lower.
    They were decent to deal with
  9. This is a good option too. a pack of 3 different strains, 3 of each, feminized. Ive grown the trainwreck and maid of honor- good shit. still curing though.

    Twenty20 - Made of Honor - Bad Girl - Trainwreck Combo Pack (9 seeds)
    Twenty20 - Trainwreck - T-Dub - Hot Mess Combo Pack (9 seeds) - Great Lakes

    a pack of those would also come with another strain from twenty20, 2 pack feminized.
    Plus Great lakes genetics throws in his own freebies too, 5 packs- but they are not feminized.
    $107 with shipping for 4 feminized strains (11 seeds) and one regular strain (5pack) is a pretty good deal. if you buy over $139 u get another pack or two of the bad dawg freebies.

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  10. I’m new to autos myself, and just from this one auto grow I’m finishing up, I’ve learned that growers choice seeds are not the way to go. Autos in general are not very stable for the most part, but I had a runt, weird leaves, and two ended up not being autos at all lol. Meanwhile my other non growers choice plants are fine. Just figured I’d throw this in there.

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  11. for sure, i had 6 fast buds strains in this tent, 2 of each. the only 1 strain produced similar looking plants. look at the 2 pineapple express in the back right. what the fuck is up with that? Autos suck.

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  12. Twisted Tree Autoflower .com
    Oregon Elite
    Platinum Seed Bank
    James Bean
    Just to name a few!!

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  13. her price range and wanting feminized photoperiod makes it a bit tricky.
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  14. Itll get be fine i think the issue is lookin threw page after page for seeds u want i hate it but luv it lol

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  15. yeah.
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  16. Yeah dude same story as me. But from my research, there are a FEW people who have stabilized their auto strains, but they are usually out of stock and expensive. So imma prob be skipping them next time. Def not getting from growers choice

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  17. Idk man it looks to me like the lemon ak, gelato and the zkittles are all pretty close matches. I do agree that the pi apple express went wild but it still looks like the bud structure is the same between the 2 plants. There are alot of stable auto strains out there and they definitely don't all suck. I hope you end up finding one that you like in the future.
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  18. North atlantic seed bank is a us bank that I have used before with good resaults..alot of there seeds are us breeders so the 100 dollar packs is mostly what they sell but the do have fastbuds and. Barneys farm who sell cheaper seeds. Also ethos sells 5 packs for 60 dollars. the vault is always an option that I will suggest because of there large selection and great customer service.
  19. They dont suck....they can be trained just like a photo. trellis net them fuckers along with other training they can take the same shit as any other...gotta grow those mephisto strains yo!

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  20. Now I feel bad for suggesting GC. I had decent luck with the order and pretty good luck with seeds.
    I only recommended them because I hadn’t heard of anyone that had a bad experience. Most of the time when I mentioned them no one had heard of them.

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