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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Deleted member 1091998, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Looking for a trusted seedbank that ships to the midwest
    Quicker shipping is better but I would wait if the price was good

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  2. i think almost everyone will say mephisto buddy lol
  3. They dont seem to have a large selection of photo seeds

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  4. seedsman also create some amazing strains
  5. Theyre auto only.

    Seedsman as said by progro.
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  6. Yea no offense but I never cared for autos. Grew one outdoors before and was nice and had a beautiful color. The regular plants towered above though and created giant buds. I think autos are meant for quick stealthy grows. Just my opinion.
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  7. yep seedsman are really good ,,their own strains are pretty good ,ive grown plenty of them in the past too .,,mac,
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  8. I order from ILGM AND ROBERT BERGMAN recently and will admit they are overpriced but I got say the genetics were fire. Also a noob nute burned 3 seeds in germination on my first grow back in 10 years, told them exactly what happened and they gave me coupon for 10 free seeds b/c I followed sorta followed their instructions with f-ing up my germination. I got to say the fact that the other 7 even germinated was a surprise and Im about to harvest about a 1 pound from my 4x4. These are far and away the best genetics I ever put my hands on. Good customer service too. You get what you pay for with them.
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  9. If you want premium breeders look at seeds here now.

    Also, I just ordered from Maine clone company pretty damn nice process all the way through.

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  10. I highly recommend The Vault. Gary and George take great care of GC members with a standing 12.5% off discount code that's available (Grasscity125), and their discreet shipping is effective. If you have problems receiving your order, contact them. @GaryEff - The Vault is always happy to respond to messages here on GC, even prior to your order.
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  11. I love growing marijuana is fast
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  12. Seeds Here Now is Colorado based and fast. Seedsman has US shipping sites now but it still tkes about 2 weeks. IMO only order from Seedsman if you pay with BTC, you always get freebies. Mephisto is only autos but they ship fast as well although they've had issues lately finding a payment provider.
  13. Dc seed exchange
    Best selection and they carry over 50 breeders seeds. They shit to USA and arrive in about 2 weeks.
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  15. I ordered some tutankhamun fem seeds from seedsman..just waiting now. Thanks for the direction everyone

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  16. I forgot to put my order number on the memo line when I sent the money you think they will still ship it to me?

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  17. Send them an email.
  18. I paid using my debit card, no issues.

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