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  1. i just got done picking a bud from my plant and baked it for a quick dry to smoke when i found this really big seed looking thing coverd up by those things that the pistils come out of i dont have any male plants around and i really doubt that anybody else is growing near my house i live pretty far away from people can someone please tell me whats going on
  2. its a seed.

    ur plant is a mommy!

    pollon can go a hell of a long way so it might b from another grow, or ur plant might of thrown a male flower that u missed.

  3. Okay but is there any possible way that a seed will develope without a male plant and what do you mean a male flower i missed?
  4. he means perhaps your plant went hermi. my bet is that someone else did a grow that you don't know about somewhere within a few miles and just by chance a piece of pollen manages to hit your plant. no big deal, if it is good herb you now have genetics

  5. Only if your plant is jesus.

    Your mother plant could be partly hermie with a male flower some where.
  6. So ive harvested and a bunch of WW and a bunch has seeds

    Couple questions. How do i know if the seeds are any good? Color??? etc. They seem green right now.

    Also is the white widow with seeds worth anything street value wise ?
  7. are the seeds good if its fresh off your plant?
  8. i noticed a couple male flowers on my female i think it is close to harvest
    plus that seed sould be a female

  9. How will it be female?

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