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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PlayNoGames, Apr 3, 2004.

  1. I'm new to this forum and I wanted to get some suggestions from you guys/gals (great site by the way!)... I recently planted some bagged seeds, but I want to buy some good seeds off the internet. I want a bud that will give me an incredible "high" with a smooth taste. Ill be growing indoors and yield isnt my main priority..... Any suggestions?
  2. i like silverhaze for a smooth smoke, but if your new to growing, try something like northern lights.......Peace out........Sid
  3. northen lights x haze (most breeders)
    special haze (kc brains)
    special k (sagarmatha seeds)
    the pure skunk #1 (flying duchman) i recomend highly, good up high and plenty of yeald.
    new purple power (nirvana) can get lanky so unless you have the hight and the light dont bother.
    nebula (paradise seeds) not growen this one yet but i will, heard very good things about the way it grows. i have smoked it and it is some trippy shit. its breeding is along the lines of white widow so it shud be easy to grow for the novice, and from what iv heard and read that is true.
  4. Thanks everybody! I appreciate everyone's help and suggestions!

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