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  1. I'm going to attempt growing like 4-5 plants in a closet.. it's a fairly big closet.. im thinking of building a wood box lining it with foil ... and putting just one basic flurocenst light for the beginning.. then throw up a HPS for when i want it to start flowering.... I was looking at feminized white widdow seeds as I plan on yielding the most effective bud... Am i on the right path?

    Also im in the middle of no where, rural area.. in an apartment building with nobody else in the building (3 floors)... Its just us, so we have a lot of options.. we pay electric etc so If anyone with experience can shed ANY light i'd appreciate it .. thanks..:smoke:
  2. Your idea on the fluorescent to start is fine. Just use some gro-lux bulb or any which give off varied spectrums of light for plants.. I notice at WM they sell for about $5+ for a single 4 foot tube.. Do yourself a favor and get them for a few extra dollars then regular fluorescent tubes...way better...
    When you switch to Metal halide/sodium for bloom- make sure you have enough ventilation to keep the heat down. A 1000 watt light puts lots of heat in a small closet.
    {I am not sure what you will use but a 400 will put much less heat out but less lumens = less high quality resinated buds in the end.... of course more lumens- more power-higher power bill- But running a thousand watt is nothing that is ever going to "stick out" on your power company bill... maybe if you ran 10- 1000 watters......

    If you want to start with a cheap seed of high quality, I found the best cheap seed I ever purchased was Red skunk- from...........mnnn boy..ah Homegrown fantaseed called Skunk red hair" $20 a pack then... was the best cheap - easy growing for a start.
    Just a couple things for your start to think about.....

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