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  1. Hello,

    I grew one NL fem plant in hydro. It was my first ever grow and went well until the end. The issue is that despite having a good carbon filter and negative air pressure, the smell of the plant was overpowering. This translated in a (very) slight odor in my home. That was enough to cause my spouse to have severe coughing fits.

    I chopped the plant about 3 weeks early to protect the health of my spouse. I decarbed what I had (still had plenty of tricomes) and did an alcohol extraction—-zero effects from the final product. I also did an oil based extraction. This too yielded zero effects.

    I’d like to try again, but this time move the grow space to a different part of the house in hopes of not having the same issue a second time around. Also, I’d only like to grow an auto flower that **seed to harvest** is under 60 days.

    I need to stay away from any Northern Lights crosses or anything particularly pungent as well given that’s the genetics that caused the issue to start with. Low odor preferred. If not low odor, less skunky preferred (ie minty, fruity, candy, etc).

    Any suggestion for a seed bank and specific strain to meet my needs?

  2. Sounds like some better filtration is in your near future. Regardless of where you setup, if your filters aren't up to snuff, the smells gonna hang around.
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    Mephisto Genetics Sour Crack is an 8 - 9 week strain.
    Cut and pasted from
    "Cycle Time - 55 to 65 days from sprout"
    They actually give reasonably accurate seed to harvest times.
    Mephisto is having payment issues right now, but mailing them untracked cash is fast, safe, and easy. Be sure to buy directly from them, because 1-seed packs really contain 2 seeds, and there are excellent Mephisto freebies on top of that.

    I'm curious about your NorthernLights.
    How much herb went into how much alcohol?
    Did you decarb first, and if so, how?
    What size dose did you try?
    My motive is to see whether something can be salvaged.
  4. White widow finishes fast, it’s well known so I’m sure you can easily find it.
  5. I cut it down and it went straight into the oven to decarb. After that I put it into alcohol and that went into the freezer. I kept it in there for several days, shaking vigorously several times a day. After that I just strained out the plant material and kept the alcohol.

    For the oil, I decarbed first, put the plant into oil and baked it in the oven at a low temp for less than an hour. Strained it and tossed out the plant material.

    Absolutely no high from either. Just didn’t work.
  6. Probably baked all the THC out of the plants by the sounds of things.
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  7. If the herb wasn't dried first, decarb is likely to fail, because the presence of water will keep the temp around 212 F until all the water boils away. The presence of the 80% water that fresh cut herb has might affect decarb time. The presence of oil greatly lengthens decarb time, and water could do something similar.

    Another possible snag is that the tincture was too weak.
    For example, if 28 grams dried, decarbed herb produced 2 cups of tincture, then its potency, assuming good 15% herb, is about
    Potency = (0.15)*(28,000 mg)/(475 mL) = 9 mg/mL
    For 1 oz herb in 2 Cups alcohol, 1 tsp would be about 27 mg thc, assuming accurate decarb.

    Because decarb is very slow in oil, the infusion baking decarbed your oil more, but not a lot more.

    One salvage strategy that could work for the tincture is to remove all the liquid to make FECO, then use the bubble-watching technique to make sure decarb is good. After that, enough of any oil could be added to make a very convenient oil tincture.

    The oil might be improved by doing a series of partial in-oil decarbs, starting with 30 min @ 240 F.
    1-5 cycles of this might help.

    The strained out plant matter might still contain a lot of medicine, if you still have it.
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  8. How old is ur carbon filter? And have u tried checking to see if its durty? Maybe ur fan aint big enough

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  9. Also replace/cleaning the prefilter?

    How is your humidity? Too much will cause a mess in that prefilter.

    Does the CFM of your fan overpower the CFM rating on the filter?
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  10. lol yeah these too...thanks for adding too this.

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    440 cfm ‘s, replaced the carbon filter and prefilter (new) every 4 weeks. 6” by 16” for one plant in a 2x 4 tent.

    Cfm on fan is matched to filter too.
  12. I forgot to state the obvious.
    Freshly harvested bud weighs only 20% as much as dried bud.
    Using 1 oz freshly harvested would have the same total thc as 1/5 oz dried.
    If you went by wet weight, then the tincture would be 1/5 as strong as expected.
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  13. If you had problems with the smell of northern lights, your going to have problems

    Northern lights is one of the "low oder" strains imho

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  14. I appreciate the feedback.

    Anyway to construct a room around the tent to eliminate odor? I was thinking about building a wooden room, sealing all joints, then erecting a tent inside to grow in. The fresh air would come from indoors, but be drawn in via negative air pressure. The exhaust would go outside. Basically an 8 x 10 x 9’ stealth box with a tent inside. Walk into the stealth box, close the door completely, then walk into the tent.

    Would this work?
  15. A good tent and ventilation system should work just fine...

    I have a plant drying in my tent right now in a tiny laundry room closet and can't smell it at all. It's vented outside with no carbon filter and it stinks outside like a MFer.

    Nothing inside though... I've had all kinds of company over without noticing. Even good friends who are amazed to see what's happening in that tent.
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  16. something is off, you shouldn't have THAT much of an odor issue with only one plant and fresh filters.

    I have 2 2x4 tents in one bedroom. each has a 4" fan/filter combo. just an inexpensive one, a vivosun, not even the expensive premium Phresh filters everyone recommends. runs ar at 1/2 - 3/4 speed on both tents.
    currently one tent is growing 2 plants in full flowering (day 63 on then) and 3 other plants just harvested over last 4 days in the second tent (Same fan/filter set-up as the first tent).
    so, 5 plants, all at their most aromatic or stinkiness and you can't smell anything in that room, let alone anywhere else in the house. And these are by far the most aromatic strains I've grown so far too.
    If i have to open either tent I close both outside doors to the room, turn on a separate room air filter (generally for the litter box use) and spray air freshener like crazy because if i open either tent to check on the plants the smell from both tents is overpowering, almost hits you like a wall. Makes the room skink immediately. But when tents are closed up I've had people in that room, sitting, hanging out, etc and they never knew there was anything growing at all. can't smell a thing.
    point being, i think your ventilation system is off.

    my 2x4 tent i have a 4' fan, 190cfm
    matching 4" vivosun cheepie filter i replace every 6 months.
    you are running a 6" fan and filter. that fan is rated 440cfm. that's way too much airflow for a 2x4 tent. h*ll, on full that think must suck the plants out of the soil. I only run mine usually around 50%, maybe 75. depends on temps and if i need to draw a bit more cooler air in or keep warmer air in more. either way My smell is zero.
    I think less you have yours turned down to practically its slowest setting possible you might simply be drawing air out of the tent too quickly before the filter can actually do it's job of scrubbing the odor. Running the fan at slow speed gives the filter more time to absorb orders. I'd run as slow as possible while still able to maintain negative pressure. neg pressure is essential!
    A good was mentioned by someone - if you have extremely high humidity that will cause your carbon filters to reduce or lose effectiveness. although you say you are replacing them every month! wow, they should last minimum 6 months. they usually say a year but i don't trust them for a year although the one in the drying tent IS actually 9 months old.... every six months i buy a new one just to be safe, take that and put it in the grow tent. take the 6-month old filter and put it in the drying tent. and repeat. i have a third filter for another use and last time i i messed up which is why the drying tent filter is 9 months old currently. and no odor!
    that tents fan is currently at only about 1/3 speed. with 3 fresh harvested plants.
    see my point :) :)

    oh, also agree with other prior mention that trying to decard the plants before drying them is most likely what caused your problem with the end product.
    I've pulled plants at 3 weeks early by accident and I still got stoned as h*ll off them so i doubt the early harvest is the ultimate problem.

    yes, building a room around the tent would help - but a lot of work, trouble, and expense for something that shouldn't be necessary.

    btw, while most of the other people in my home know i grow, someone doesn't, and that should tell you enough right there... :)
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  17. Thank you for the thoughtful reply! So humidity was around 35-40% the entire time. I had my fan running at 50% the entire time as well. The tent I bought was brand new.


    I know, frustrating. I agree this should not have been happening. I talked with my spouse again and we’re still on the fence as to whether or not we should try again.

    Seems everyone agrees by describing fresh herb, the end result would be negatively impacted. That’s the only thing I can think of for why it didn’t work. Why the smell issue (caused severe coughing spells and round the clock nasal congestion for my spouse) given the set up I had? I have no idea. I literally turned up the fan until a negative pressure (sides of tent went from a neutral position to one that was gently sucked in), so no smell should have escaped.
  18. rh is fine, not at a level it will affect the filter's ability

    you said you fan is at 50% of a 440cfm fan. that aprox 220cfm. on a tent with only 52cf. you are exchanging the air over 4 times a minute! it's can't scrub the odor out that quickly. I still say your fan is way too large for your tent.
    I'd turn it down to it's lowest and START there and only turn it up increments at a time until you get zero odor, therefore neg pressure.
    keep in mind, you only need to completely exchange your air approx once every 3-5 minutes. you are exchanging every 14 seconds!

    the question is if your oversized fan can actually decrease speed enough to actually work. 50% is WAY, WAY too much with that size fan in that size space unless you can get it slowed down enough. the good noise at least is the the fan would be running at such a low speed that it should be virtually silent. :)

    oh, you can always test the tent out and try to get your fan adjusted correctly without stinky pants in there bnrfore your next grow. Just put anything very aromatic in there - spray with air freshener, or cut up a bunch of stinky onions or anything thats smelly. put it in tour tent and play with the fan starting at it's lowest and work up.Shouldn't take barely anything for that fan to get uoui ned pressure, and it won't be anywhere close to 50%.

    remember, I'm only using a 190cfm fan and I tend to run it from 1/3 - 1/2 speed. max 3/4. can not remember last time i had it on full. you know why... less effective.

    good luck
  19. That’s excellent
    That’s excellent feedback, thank you!
  20. Speed Bud by Female Seeds. about 55 days from seed to harvest for me. It is a super short plant and produces nice dense bugs. She has a diesel smell to her.
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