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Seed storing for the meantime

Discussion in 'General' started by Spacedtronaut420, Sep 17, 2021.

  1. So I was just wondering I have my seeds stashed in the small house, you know were you keep your tools at and all your junk, its usually in your backyard of your house, anyways I have them there for the meantime not for longterm storage, so I have my seeds stored in this small house I think it not hot but its not cold either I think it would be around 80-83f or so will they cook like this person mentioned below in the picture I provided actually my seeds there sealed shut in a small mason jar with rice filled all the way to the top???

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  2. keep them cool quick as you can
    a freezer is best or just the fridge is fine
    but I prefer the freezer

    good luck
  3. What's up? Keep your seeds at a solid room temp based on where you live. Keep em in a sealed container in a dark spot...You'll be good. Seeds can be viable for centuries.

    The rice is a little overboard and made me LOL, so thank you for that
  4. Well I do have them in a cold spot in my room but they get light well not direct light but the room in the morning time my room gets light even with the window shades down does that count will my seeds get ruined?

  5. Do you find it necessary to use h2o2 to germinate frozen seeds ? Or maybe you already use h2o2 in your germination stage?
  6. Years back I did as a method of ensuring I'm TMV free but not for years now,
    I scarify and soak in a heavy solution of aloe vera, works better
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  7. Tmv ? True market value ?

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