seed shell & membrain removeal

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by the rainman!, Feb 27, 2002.

  1. high its the witch and i am back dudes!i wanted to give a little talk on someing that had come about in my test ,any one bying seeds from the seeds bank should know ! i tested 3 set of seeds from two places ,on the left test group they were toweled gremed and planted ,the right side the same but for the frist three days they were pulled out and some needed the seed shell cut away and most need the membrain removed from the seedling to stop molding and rot!i would guess somewhere in the 30-40 of all seed bank seeds had harder shells from being stored longer!make them harder to brake out of the shell as well as the membrain holding sticky to the seedling and haveing to be removed by hand and exto knife! the set on touched had 14 out of 20 live why 19 out of 20 on the right side ,1/2 a dozen plants something to think about in my book when by high price seeds to start with! by the way on a nother note i cut the shell of a seed and than watered it what a explotion of growth if the seed dose not have the fight it way out !the seedling is twice the size of the others and i can only wait to see the finish resaults! i hope this helps some of the growers here and puts just a few more full planters where there were going to be none!good luck tazz11
  2. Thought you had quit growin'? Well thanks for the info. anyway!! Free the Herb!! plant a "victory" garden!! :smoking:
  3. i did stop growing i am still 5ft8 !lol
  4. I really walked into that one tazz!!! :smoking: Here's wishin' ya sucess in your spells and "new-growth" :smoke:
  5. she's banging the g13x hash ,skunk#1 , bogbubble ,i got a rain check for jh and belladona!i enjoy the art of it ! and the taste and smells! lol
  6. i for got the jfxss! i hope it for gives me!lol

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