Seed shelf life?

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  1. Hey gc, was wondering how long fresh seeds will last for before becoming useless?
    I was looking to store them for about a year to 2 years.. any possiblility?
  2. it really depends on the condition of the place you store them, and the sustainability of the seeds. (a genetic trait carried from the mother plant)
    i personally wouldn't store them for more than a year, even if they are in a cool dry place.
    might as will sell them/give them away to some friends, and buy some more when you're ready to grow again.
  3. There's two major factors that determine whether seeds remain viable during storage.
    1. Seed maturity - flowers develop viable seeds between 3 -5 weeks after pollination depending on the strain. Seeds that remain on the plant up to 6 weeks or until they are spit off the plant will have a denser shell and will survive storage longer.
    2. Storage method - Glass container. Uncooked rice for de-humidifying. Refrigerator @ 2-3C / 34-36F.
    You can expect a high germ rate even after 5 years. Most stored seeds will also need a longer germ period to crack, some as long as 14 days.
  4. I've germed seeds over 5 years old no problem. Archaeologists found grain seeds stored in Egyptian pyramids that germed and sprouted after 3,000+ years in storage -- not MJ seeds, but still gives you a sense of how well Mother Nature can plan in advance.

    MJ seeds are designed to be "stored" (stored by Mother Nature over the winter, that is). Kept under the right conditions, MJ seeds can remain viable for years.
  5. Thanks for all the info everybody! This really helped.

  6. Absolutely. I have grown dankity dank from a ten year old bag seed. Those babies are born to survive. :wave:
  7. fridge ?
    freezer ?
  8. No need to keep them in the fridge or freezer. Just a dry, out of direct light spot. Room temp is fine.:)

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