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  1. Hey. So I'm working with an indoor grow area capable of handling a plant height of 80" or about 200cm, along with running a Viparspectra 600watt LED. Without any climate control on my part, the area is at its coolest at night reaching maybe just below 70degrees. Otherwise stays around 75 give or take a few degrees and humidity hangs around about 50%. (These conditions are without me interfering but it is within my power) With this in mind, along with any personal preferences, are there any suggestions on a good strain for me to try working on? Your favorites? Any that may thrive in my conditions? A recommendation for a good strain for beginners? Maybe a strain you already have detailed notes on to help me out throughout my grow? A good thc level or good buzz? I'm probably going to try breeding for seeds my first harvest (so preferably not fem seeds)so I can have plenty at my disposal for perfecting my notes for this strain. Hopefully the site I search for my seeds may have your recommendation. Thanks in advance!

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  2. Probably White Widow (feminized) from your description. Heavy high, and easy to grow (soil is most forgiving IMHO) Just don't be fooled..In flower your Temps and RH will be going up..At least a circulating (6" cheapo) fan (s) will be needed and probably an Exhaust fan to keep the air fresh and expel the humid air..JMHO..
    Northern Lights would be my 2nd choice.
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  3. Depends on the money you want to spend,personally I love blueberry ,long lasting classic strain ,Norther Lights is a pretty good strain to start with too,Breeding is fun and if you decide to go that route give me a PM and I ll give you some tips from what I ve learned,Good luck on whatever strain u decide to grow hope it s bountiful..
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  4. Northern lights is what I'm currently germinating but I'm looking to get more soon! Hearing NL is very reassuring

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  5. here ya go..;)

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