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  1. Packs of 5 and 3 do they even exist some where trust worthy inside the us? Please let me know what you know!
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  2. Find a cannabis trade show and attend it.
    They always have seed vendors with good pricing.
  3. Growers Choice out of California sell packs of 5 and 3. Good customer service and fast shipping. I just grew their C-99 and yielded close to a pound off of 2 plants.....and it's very potent.
  4. Attitude seed is the best place for seeds and genetics. Theyre in the uk but ive ordered from them for 5 years now and ive never had an order not get to me.

    Seed banks in the us usually only send to same state residents as well.
  5. They are located in the us and have fast discreet shipping. Go to their website and check out Mephisto Genetics. They have some good strains, sold in 3 or 7 packs.

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  6. has 3 packs and 5 packs. You'll get them in 2 days if ordered on a monday

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