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  1. Is is truth that the yield depends on the seeds also ?
    if yes,i would like to know what seeds you people recommend for a big ratio grams/plant.
  2. i would say its 50% lights 50% genetics. stronger lights yield fatter denser nugs and of course with supplemental this additional power cost, lower nugs also grow into full fat nugs with low bud to leaf ratio.
    and lots of strains have different yield potentials.. outdoor plants pretty much get it fully.. but I've heard of greenhouses with indoor lighting and thats supposedly the "best"
    but if your looking for a high yielding indoor, i recommend critical mass from mr nice or sensi's big bud. very reliable strains to have good calyx to leaf ratio and huge monstruous plants indoors and out.
  3. it totally makes a difference between strains what yield you'll get. you'd get a ton more bud from tightly packed 14" or shorter lowryders (that flower automatically without switching to 12/12) that take only 60 days from seed to harvest (but that would be expensive) compared to sativas that might not even start flowering after 4 months while you harvested another 49 (never go over 50 plants unless you want to commit a felony) lowryders in that same timeframe.

    most indoor strains will harvest 300-500 grams, but just as important as strains are the techniques you use. you can get all the bud you need out of just one seed if it isn't a male or lowryder. just clone one gal, & you'll have more plants than you'll need. you have to factor in another couple months time though to get your seeds grown enough for cloning.

    you can do sea of green (SOG), screen of green (SCROG), & low stress training (LST) etc. to get even more yield than the difference between strains.

    you can leave your ladies in 24 hour light (vegetative growth) longer to get a bigger plant with more bud sites. you can pinch off you sprouts to make your plants bushier with more bud sites and so on.

    if you're just a beginner, don't count on everything going as planned. get your feet wet & learn what you're doing and that alone will make more difference than a strain swap. just get some good & cheap strains from breeders like mandala, nirvana, sativa seeds & high quality seeds. trying some variety too will give you an idea on what strain you like best. they each have their own personalities with IBL sativas being the fussiest plants in the world to grow.

    read a good grow guide like green man's AWESOME online freebie
    Marijuana Growing Guide Free Library

    please don't be another greedy selfish cash crapper looking to milk everyone you can for as much money as you can. consider aiming for QUALITY instead of QUANTITY! i fucking can't stand ANY in the indicrap that cash crappers favor and i hate their guts for trying to take my money for that shit!

    you can be another greedy cookie cutter hack pushing the same sticky roadkill nothing but put you to sleep shit every other asshole is pushing, or you could look into better plants that might not yield as much. give your "friends" the best fucking bud possible! give them something they will appreciate that no-one else is offering them.

    the only reason i've ever grown is because it's the only way to get bud that doesn't make you want to break someone's neck for scamming you. i'd rather grow the best possible & just give it aay myself.

    there are strains out there that smoke well and give you superior smoke as well. think about bud that'll get your buddies HIGH, most of them, probably for the first time in their life!

    i love C99! it's a fast growing & compact strain that's sticky with slightly grapey resin and it leans more towards energetic than couchlocking. i just don't get what stoners see in getting tired. i hate it sooooooooooooooooo much! C99 isn't trippy and it gets too racy to be able to sit still on, but for those times that you need a lot of energy, it's awesome! it also has a little bit of euphoria (happiness) going on. besides growing cash cropper style but smoking like a sativa and actually getting you high, it's very low odor and i dare say doable without odor control if you don't grow a million. it kicks all of the crap's ass on the street, but it's not my favorite buzz ever. trippy psychoactivity is where the real fun begins!

    i've smoked better since, but up until sampling some early 8 miles high bud i did myself, i NEVER was able to get high and wasted literally thousands of dollars on greedy fuck useless indicrap for over 25 motherfucking years! i was sooooooooooooo fucking happy when it hit me. you just don't know how much better getting high is. i don't know about yield on that strain, but imagine it's not the absolute highest, but the QUALITY was 100x better! i never sampled mature bud & can't speak to the potency (not something mandala is known for, but growers love his gear) but the quality of the buzz was 1st rate. it didn't couchlock like evil scumbag indicrap, but wasn't racy like C99 either and didn't get in my way at all. the only effects were a super high level of euphoria with hints of trippy effects like one might get at the start of a buzz on really strong sativas. unlike C99, it's psychoactivity REALLY liked music & dancing. try THAT on the shit zombies flood the streets with!!!

    since that, i like even stronger (but a little rougher around the edges) haze skunk even better because it's buzz doesn't fuck around and stays with you strong for a couple hours with an almost all day fading glow if you toke it really hard & jet. i've smoked some last rate mexican brick that was less potent with constant hitting than 3 or 4 hours after a good haze skunk buzz. i chopped my poor gal down because i couldn't resist her and don't know if the last 4 budlets are going to fill out now that they're on top, but if i tied that gal down so ALL of her buds are "top colas" & waited longer, i would have gotten at least as much bud as a couple of my little C99s, but probably much more because it likes to stretch & create a ton of bud sides, probably because it doesn't flower as fast.

    i've also loved super cali haze (and full haze of course) and tolerated my stoney resin like glue LSD plants because they did have some psychoactivity too and had a stoned effect that took it's time creeping up to a 2 hour later KO.

    please give the idea of growing the absolute most mind blowing unobtainable bud you can. super silver haze, jack herer, LA confidential, apollo 11, romulan & medicine man all have nice trippy buzzes of different potencies and couchlock as well like LSD. people love those, but i've avoided them because couchlock is my mortal enemy, but will try them now as couchlock is a given with the trippest indoor strains pretty much.

    take some pride in your gear. it's so cool watching people's face light up when they get a better quality buzz. the trippy columbian gold i started on and that spoiled me for sativas forever and made me despise indicrap the very 1st time i bought it (at the new "twice price") and couldn't get away from EVER after that (except a couple gifted buds of durban poison, kali mist & haze... weird... the best shit is always free!!! bizarro supply & demand at work.) it was fun watching my highschool buddy realizing just how strong & trippy the gold i got at work was when he'd been toking years aleady & i'd only been at it a couple weeks.

    weed might not be addictive, but when there's bud around that actually gets you high, i can't restrain myself. i have to smoke it here & now. i think the scarcity is what boosts the cravings some although the simple lure of "the most fun you can possibly ever have on this plane of existence" plays a part too. i started out paying $40 a QUARTER for gold & then was paying $50 an eighth for indicrap after operation paraquat (fuckin' crackhead senior!) and generally won't pay over $50 for an eight of anything even now, but i wanted more of that old school kali mist i was gifted that i begged & pleaded to pay $100 an 8th for it. truly getting high is better than sex and the next chainsmoking bitch that tries to get ME to quit is getting a quick cab & kick out the door! LOL don't fuck with me & my high bitch! you're replaceable starting... NOW!

    a bud of thai and a free hand to jerk off with is a twofer! LOL

    i know i muddled the question, but please, give getting high at least a chance.
  4. I personally would smoke indica over sativa 99% of the time. To each their own. Just because you have a preferance doesnt make others stupid or mean they dont know the difference.
  5. I would say that its 25% lights 10% genetics and 65% grower. It's akin to thinking you can beat Tiger Woods in a round of golf because you're using the latest equipment and he's using some 1930's set of clubs.

    You can't get the yields from CFLs that you do from HID...that's a fact but only a small part of the equation. Genetics only really determine two things...The max POTENTIAL of your plant and whether or not it has a propensity to hermie or not. At the end of the day, your skill and experience level of growing anything let alone cannabis will be the ultimate determining factor of the quality of your harvest.

    Take the best genetics out there (everyone has an opinion, there is no definitive "best" if there were everyone else would be out of business) and cut it down too early or too late and it wont be as good as a 15yr grower pushing bagseed to its limits in a dialed in growroom.
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    Like the above poster stated, genetics set the potential, gotta have good tools (lights/setup), but the variable that will have the most impact on yield is the grower (techniques & experience)

    I am with pokernaut, don't write off sativa's! Sure big bud or rocklock is gonna turn out a heavy yeild, but you can find equivalent or larger yields from great sativa's out there. C99, A11, FMS Grapefruit ,FMS Easy Sativa and many others will give you fantastic smoke and great yield.

    If you are an indica fan (couchlock, chill out, etc) the high yield indica seeds wont be hard for you to find. In most cases high yield sativas take a little more time and effort, but with plants like a11 or c99 you can have the same high yield and quick turnaround on grows and have excellent quality smoke.

    Good luck, enjoy your grow. :smoke:
  7. ya ur both right, i was just trying to sum it up quickly... at the end of the day if you've never grown before even the best genetics come out crap.. but lighting makes a big difference, CFL + HID both effective in its own right, but as far as big yielding plants go if you plan to have a lot of them watt for watt HID will be more effective.. and as far as genetics go, they play a big important part of what your gonna end up with.

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