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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NuggetsSUH, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. The only seeds i have access to are chronic seeds because thats the only source of seeds i can get in the US. But anyways my question is, is how tall will these plants grow?

    Thanks in advanced,
    Your fellow pothead
  2. You means sensi's chronic. Or doctor chronic?

    Btw, they're are plenty of trustable seedbanks that will ship to america. drchronic,, heaven's stairway. All kinds of shit man.
  3. Well, just the "chronic" on the streets is what seeds i was going to get, also another problem im underage with no debit card or cred card :( anyone want to send me some seeds for free? :D Naw im jkin tho

    Thanks in advanced
    Your fellow pothead
  4. I get the bomb nugs that smell dank,sticky etc. But they dont come with seeds EVER! So its quite hard for me to come across seeds. 75$ a quarter in california, its so hard to come across seeds nowadays :(
  5. Damn that other post was way too long of a rant about nothing I'm going to delete it. Sorry about the rant, I was high.

    Anyways, yeah the great shit never comes with seeds because the growers know what they're doing, where the seeds should be (in the seed pods) fills up with resin and makes the bud better. That's not the point, here's the point.

    Dude, if you live with your parents, don't grow. I'm serious. The better plan would be to hang around the boards and learn as much as you can..... When you move out, you'll have tons of information and be a worthy grower.

    If you don't live with your parents/caretakers and you just happen to be a young man out on his own. (I know how that is, I got emancipated at a young age.... I had to get out) then hell yeah man, you don't need a creadit card to purchase cannabis cup winning seeds. Hell you don't even need a lot of money to.

    Grasscity won't ship to the us so they're out, but you're next best bet is dr. chronic, find his website and start looking around. You can buy a money order with cash and mail it to him, and in about a month or two have whatever kind of seeds you want.

    If you decide to grow, I'd recomend growing no more than 6 flowering plants at a time.... the punishment gets way worse with more than 6 flowering or 12 vegging.
  6. Oh alright thanks man, my mom knows im growing so its all good! :D I was going to grow 6-7 plants under my 2 250 hps lights that i just got. My friend also has some 1ft g13 plants that he is selling for 15 bucks a piece! Im just going to buy 2 and clone the rest. Thanks aton for all the help guys!
  7. i thought the g13 was kinda a ghost strain. any confirmations? do you know what bank its from?
  8. Im getting it from my homie who gets it from the hospital :D, all females, i heard it grows 4 ft and ill be able to get 2 oz per plant so im quite happy!

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