seed problems

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dayday429, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. seed problems
    hey guys how are u dudes umm shit men i dont have much luck with seeds men i planted some in wet paper towel method with cling wrap on top and a heating pad underneath ,i waited for about 2 weeks but nothing happened so i planted them in some soil and its been about a week and they still havent popped up ,u see i got these seeds from a friend that got it from this cheap ass dealer the seeds look healthy and are a brownish green colour ,i asked my dad what was wrong why arent my seeds sprouting he said that dealers around here are known to kill seeds like he said they remove the little white head on top of the seed with there nails which kill it so he showed me one of his good seeds and i actually saw a little white head like a split ,so we planted it about 3 days ago in soil i guess i'll have to just wait

    do u think this is true or do u think i killed them by over watering them can they die?

    peace thanx
  2. one more thing today i dug all of the seed out of the soil and put them in the wet towel method for some reason when i saw the 2 seeds they seemed to have lost all the green colour and are now black and they are softer and look abit bigger and fatter is this sign of germination how far am i from sprouting sorry about all the blabering thanx a alot plz help
  3. 2 weeks is way too long to leave them in a paper towel to germinate. try 2 days. sounds like the fungus got them, especially the ones you describe after digging up.
  4. Sometimes seeds have to be overwintered.That is to say they have to be fooled into thinking winter has come and gone for the little risomes to put out the message that tells the seed to germinate.So put the seeds into a paper towel(dry!) and wrap them up snugly.Then place the towel into a zip lock bag and get out all the air you can and seal well.Place this into the freezer for 5 days and take them out and put them into the frig for 5 more days.Then take them out and lay them on a counter or something till they come to room temp and then germinate in your favorite way.
  5. I tried the method syffur just mentioned with a few of my seeds, but I also tried something else. I placed some of the seeds in a folded up moist paper towel and put it in a plastic bag. Then I put the bag on top of my computer monitor and let it sit there for about a week, checking it every day to make sure they were sprouting. Some of them took two or three days and some took the whole week. The cold stratification (I think that's what it's called) didn't work as well as puting them on top of a monitor for me....
  6. thanx guys im going to tri ur methods thanx again
  7. If you have trouble with mold while useing the bag method , use a few drops of bleach with the water before adding to the bag.

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