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  1. I am planning on using an Emily's Garden setup (yeah I know...I'm a beginner though) with a 600w hps for lighting. I have a walk in closet 6' by 6' to work with. My problem is (and please don't hate me) I live in the U.S. and don't have any seed source. I don't really want to use my mystery seeds because they are from crap weed. What is your opinion? Should I stick with what I have and hope for the best or is there any seed banks you guys know of that will ship here. Or my last option, which I want to avoid, make that long trip to Canada. Let me know what you guys sucks living here. Thanks guys.
  2. some sites do sell to the US. I forgot which ones. Hope someone can help you. Being in the US sucks :( i hate it.
  3. Well purilite... Dig your self to somewhere ulse... LOL.... :D
  4. There are two philosophies on a first grow. One way is to go for the gold ring on the first try with good genetics. The downside is you could make some mistakes the first time out, maybe even kill your crop, in which case you spent good money on seeds for nothing or very little. The other way to go is to treat the first grow mainly as a learning experience and use bagseed to save your money. The downside is whatever you yield may not be as good as it could have been and you will end up waiting to do the real deal.

    Kind of depends on how anxious you are, how much dough you have, etc.

    For seed sources, check the Seed Bank forum here on GC, lots of info on who ships to the States as well as who is reliable, good quality, etc.
  5. Bag seed if grown, dried and cured correctly can be powerful weed. Grow bag seed for the first go around. Then later we will tell you where to order from. If you are a millionaire and can afford to possibly piss away $100 then let us know and we will get you some good seed banks.
  6. I absolutely subscribe to the theory that great weed can come from bag seeds. Even though I am new to first hand growing I've had a buddy for about 10 years and when I first met him he had 19 proud Mothers ready to flower in his grow room. He got busted the next day by making a stupid mistake and leaving some babies on the patio for his neighbor to see. Anyway my point is I have gotten a lot of tips and advice from him. Of course I realize it's nothing like doing it yourself. Completely ready to except a first time failure (hope not though). When it comes to money I have a decent Pot (no pun intended) set aside. Not Gonna start until may. Setting up all my equipment at different points in time to keep the heat off of me. I am intrested in seed banks as of right now. Probably only going to use 2 Feminized Professional strains along with mostly bag seeds the first time around. But just in case it goes well I would like to have a couple good ones in there. I appreciate your quick replies. If any of you feel comfortable with throwing some seed bank info at me that would be fantastic...if not I understand and respect your code. Glad I came across this place, everybody has been pretty cool. Thanks guys.
  7. As a matter of fact I did come across those, just wanted a very recent suggestion due to the fact that I've read about seed companies being shut down/repremanded for shipping to the U.S. I realize U.S. law doesn't apply in other countries but I sure as hell didn't want to risk sending off $100 to recieve nothing or even worse a letter from some customs fucker thanking me for the tip. Thanks for the stern help though...maybe I should have spent a little more time doing my own research.
  8. ya i used the site from the second link. Worked fine.
  9. if u still dont want to use bag seeds, (which their nothing wrong with them.. u can still get sum bomb budz... all buds look the same, its just the quick dry, packegin, n da long ride, that makes da bud look shittie..) u can alway oder from nirvana.. graet genetics, n good pricese..

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