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  1. So i soaked 5 seeds in wet paper towel. One of them sprouted tap root in 2 days the other 4 have been soaking for a week and nothing is happening...

    Are these 4 dead or should i just wait it out?

    the other question is if I only have one viable plant and shes female. can i take cuttings from here in a couple of weeks to get a few more plant for this grow?
  2. Can you post a DECENT pic, i'll examine and give you your answer. FREE OF CHARGE LOL!

    In answer to your second question, if she is a female and not a tranny out to fool you, YES (if she is nice and healthy), clone away my Canadian brother!
  3. Okay ill post pics. but what do u need to see in the pics? its some wet dark green seeds and a sprout about an inch

    Hows the growing in Australia, is it indoor our outdoor growing there?
  4. OK, don't worry about pics... It's just easier to tell.

    I assume after 7 days, if they are doing nothing, they were dud seeds. Email the breeder and explain the situation. Don't email the re-seller, they don't give a fuck. The MAJORITY will replace the seeds free, and give you a couple freebies.

    Test them by squeezing gently, if they squash easy, the baby is dead. If they are fairly hard, put em in a glass of mineral water and see if she shoots her tail in a day or so. If not, they all dead.

    If one has popped, get her/it in soil or whatever you are using, and start feeding pure mineral water (that's what I do) for a week. Then do ya nutes or whatever u use.

    Australia... At the moment, all indoors. The weather is WAY to unpredictable until about June, that's when we move outside and get our guerilla grow on.
  5. Another thing to consider is that Sativa's generally take longer to germinate than indica's. F2's take even longer than F1's.

    I wouldn't give up hope yet, keep it damp and warm for another week or even two. I've had some F2 sativas take 20 days to germinate.
  6. Yeah, but c'mon man, they were all put in at the same time... Looks to me like they be dead!
  7. They could be, man. Won't deny that. I still wouldn't throw 'em out personally - can't hurt to wait. Can't hurt to start some more either.

    Any idea what your germ temps are?
  8. well i have a cabinet in the kitchen that the heat duct circulates under the toe kick so the heat isnt constant but when the furnace is running is nice and warm, probably in the low70's.

    thanks for the feedback people. i appreciate the advice. I got the seeds from a friend i have few more s o might try those. My only concern is that if i get more going and they all spout i'll have 10 plants and only room in my grow box for if it were warmer i might try the gorilla thing....
  9. You may have just pinpointed your problem. For germinating seeds I've had my best luck around 78 degrees. Since it's in the "low 70's" at its warmest, I'd definitely not give up up.

    Try putting them on the back of your computer monitor/tv... anything that gives off a little heat.
  10. ok ill try that. thanks again... im excited. ill post my grow box pics later. i revamped the whole system and solved all my heat issues im stoked.
  11. Looking forward to it.

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