Seed pods?

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  1. So... I was sure I had four females here. Originally six plants from seed, currently just over a month old. They had 24 hr light for about a week and a half, then got transplanted into 5 gal pots and into the flower room (1000w hps). As soon as they showed sex (and I was checking on them every day) I was sure that I had one male and five females. I immediately chopped the male and took one female out to save as a mother (put her back under 24 hr light to revert to veg).
    So I noticed they looked a bit odd, but they were having great growth so sort of shrugged it off. Now, I am sure something is wrong. Only three of the four plants remaining in the flower room are looking like this though. One of them (and I think it was the runt) just looks like a normal female, possibly actually a bit behind still... all the others look like maybe it is seed pods? Maybe I was too late in pulling the male and three of them got pollinated? Please, I need someone experienced to tell me what this is.
    20150323_220809.jpg 20150323_220745.jpg

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    "balls said the queen if i had them I'd be king"
    you have a room full of males, good chance any girls will be growing a seed crop, you may as well grow the crop out as a seed crop.
  3. Back to the drawing board my friend.

    Express delivery. You have male.

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  4. If when you say seed pods, you mean female calyxes then no man, you have a garden of males. In the first picture its showing the males are just about to burst his pollen, probably within a day. They all look really healthy though, you are going to get a shit storm of pollen in the next few days. They chuck out an unbelievable amount
  5. That s%$t gets everywhere. I just finished a pollen run because I came across an amazing male. Now I've got pollen in places where I didn't even know I had places.

    On a positive note one of those males has a nicely formed cola lol

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