Seed pods growing on my plants?

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  1. Hey!
    I'm new to growing. I used store bought seeds last year to grow plants started inside that were transferred outdoors. They had lots of seeds in the buds when we harvested.
    Come this year, we didn't plant anything but lo and behold I have about 10 plants growing in my back yard. We cut down 2 cause we thought they got "balls"...but now I noticed there is seeds in these pods. Wondering if I could get some light shed on what to be concerned with or if I am needing to just chop them down (one has grown to over 9 ft tall already. Pics of 2 different plants but in the same garden 20190724_192920.jpg 20190724_192804.jpg

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  2. I mean, this looks like a female plant to me. Not really sure what to make of the second picture.
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  3. It seems that you either had some boys or a hermi pollinate your ladies last season, and the seeds that fell on the ground overwintered and came up this season. If you pulled all the boys before they let pollen slip, it seems one of your girls wants to be a boy and let some pollen slip.

    edit: I couldn't tell much from the photos so I just focused on what you wrote.* The flower will be seeded but still good flower. If you're looking to grow sensimilla, I'd either do a controlled, indoor grow so I could look for hermaphroditic traits in the line -and if found, I'd not grow these seeds- or I'd just not grow these seeds.

    Consider looking for feminized seeds to avoid boys, but beware, less-than-reputable seedmakers call themselves breeders and sell their seeds at the same price as quality breeders. Consider researching the breeder's breeding practices and knowledge of cannabis prior to purchasing their genetics.

    If you're concerned about the height of the giant, don't be -unless it's for stealth reasons. Plants vary significantly, even within the same seed run. It's not surprising if there are one or two freaks within a batch of ten seeds. It's probable that the flower from the giant will provide a vastly different effect than the more squat plants.

    Not quite sure what your question was, but I hope this was helpful. Welcome to GC, btw! And congrats on your first post.
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  4. Those are called calyxes and its clusters of those that make up the bud. The idea is that you don't let them get polinated. It doesn't look like the calyxes have seeds in them in those photos, are you sure?
    Looks like you have healthy plants there
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  5. I dropped a few edits in there...
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  6. I do not see nothing but a female there.
    Looks ok to me this far..
    People to some extent have had luck with random situations like yours.
    It gets real tricky .. those "pods" deff do not have or carry seeds the mature buds hold the seeds those " pods" should turn into buds.
    " balls" will be very very clear or "bananas " they look 2 diff ways.
    It's like going fishing with dad..
    you can sit there and ask " was that a bite ? I think I had a bite".
    No boy ! You will know it when you get a bite ..
    If it pops balls your gonna know it you will be like.. oh shit! Would ya look at that they are actually "balls"
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  7. Outside pollen can travel in the wind and such pretty far and easily

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  8. Indeed when you find a Male put a garbage bag over it before you even pull it out of the ground and get it far far away..
    I dump mine in the garbage can at the local laundry Matt when I go to town to do laundry and use there bathrooms.
    # hot water on demand. What's that guy doing in there?
  9. So u had male plants that went all the way to harvest laat yr. ?

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  10. I have seen much "wild" weed growing in fields. Anytime I find it there will be a series or large skeletons from last years plant.
    Some will have no plants growing around the base ( the Male) the others hundreds of little guys growing all over out of the grass around the base ( female).
    That was my question too. Did you have Male and females last year?
    Or did you have hermaphrodites?
    If they were herms they have a high likelihood of being predestined to be hermaphrodites again. ( not fact but very likely)
  11. As others have stated... i also do not see any seeds or evidence of them growing. Preflower calyxes will swell and have brown hairs much much sooner than rest of plant

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  12. That's something that becomes second nature to a guy over time but that's a great bit of info to throw out there for the upcomers . I have seen a few post people asking why the hairs are browning out. Good call
  13. Hey!!! I'll post more pics and if I can a video so you can see what I mean.
    We had females last year, they were inside until they got too large for the area we had. So we brought them outside. We assumed they were female as we bought them from a store where they said guaranteed feminized (but possibly they were not as reputable as should be?)
    Our harvest was seedy. We didn't think anything of it knowing we weren't going to plant this year. I'm assuming from being outside and that half my block grows, we could have got pollinated from a male plant after transplanting. I feel somehow my plants turned Hermie last year and we didn't know as we had them under chicken wire to keep the height down for snoops. (my stupid sister in law's idea lol) and seeds fell when we harvested. Then we automatically have hermies this year due to the seeds lineage....

    Calyxes some have seeds, I can show you tomorrow when it's light out to get a pic. Some are smaller and empty. I figured they'd get seeds
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  14. In the daylight tomorrow I'll get a picture of them as I pop on off. There's been three I've done this with that have had a seed in it. But yes some do seem empty as well.
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  15. Hahaha, the sister in law bit...

    It's not too surprising that they're forming at this time. Some may drop, but many growers wait to harvest until they're rattling around in the pods. Seed viability increases the longer the seeds have to mature.
  16. With everyone growing around you .. the variables change dramatically.
    At this point I expect the store sold you quality females and you got x pollinated.
    You might be ok
    So long as no all Male plants pop out of the ground I would let it roll.
    I have to retract any info I claimed viable or input I have put into this situation due to your certainty there are seeds in the "pods". I have just never seen that before.
    If I have never seen something I need to sit here and learn not advise.
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  17. Sorry no, I had purchased guaranteed feminized plants but had to transplant them to my backyard as they grew massive! My sister in law made a cage of chicken wire to hold them under a certain height. So I didn't get to check them as closely as I should have I guess. At harvest time, when we went to enjoy the product and during drying we discovered seeds In he buds.
    We didn't plant this year. These ladies (hopefully!) Came all by themselves. I left them be thinking they'd die, but in one week they became massive and one is now over 9 ft. So I checked them closely. I noticed these pods at the branch offs on some plants. Some have seeds and some seem to be empty at this point.
  18. Awesome. Thanks! I just didn't want to get excited for nothing when I figured they'd die but haven't so I figured I'd check them out. Then was like I have no idea. I've done this once... And I'm pretty sure moving my plants outside got them turned to hermies from what I can gather from info dropped here. So I prob have me some hermies but I'll wait and see. Someone else has suggested worse case I can make extractions.
  19. I feel like I had hermies based on info I've gathered from this thread, they prob got pollinated from a male plant in the area after I transplanted them outside.
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  20. Ill show in the morning need the light lol

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