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  1. Hey,

    I ordered some seeds from a European website and the package arrived today. However, the envelope was empty. The seeds were supposed to have been "very stealth", but the envelope had an "Amsterdam" sticker on it and it had obviously been cut open and stapled back together. They were shipped to an address other than my residence, but they had my name on it. My guess is that customs got to it, took the seeds out and put the envelope back in the mail. I'm worried....

    Any thoughts? Insight?

  2. I forgot to mention that I had them shipped to an address other than my residence. But they were addressed to me. I assume customs intercepted them, took them out of the package, and put the envelope back in the mail. Do you think any of the following are true?

    1) Just confiscated the seeds

    2) I'm on a "watchlist" now

    3) Customs has informed the police in the state I live in

    4) Feds, etc. prosecute US Citizens for ordering seeds

    5) I have no reason to worry, just try ordering from another source now

    What else?

    Check out this article, it's got me freaked:
  3. Everyone here at one point in time has had this happen. I dodent even get a letter from them. You have nothing to worry about.
  4. First of all, sorry about that.

    Second, respectfully, please edit your post to remove the details about the stealth shipping method. Knowing exactly how they were supposed to be shipped doesn't help anyone understand your story, but always assume Customs reads this public forum and you don't want to tip them off what to look for. Just the particulars about the way they were shipped should be removed, meaning how they were disguised and any word describing the outside packaging. Thanks.

    I assume you did not get a customs note or you would have said so. That is what happens most often but not always.

    Unless you had a huge order they most likely just confiscated the seeds and that will be the end of it.

    Just guessing that the doctor in Indiana had a big order, 100 seeds or more, so they felt they had enough to make an example of him. It always depends on the judge, but in most cases the DA knows not to ask a judge for a search warrant based on 10 seeds nabbed in the mail to a different address.
  5. if you didnt get a customs slip..... Dont worrie.....

    If you DID get a customs slip..... Dont worrie.....

    Ive been in the Biz for a bit, never once in 6 yrs on the boards seen an actual incidint of a kick-door for a few seeds nabbed in the mail...

    If you didnt recieve the contraband, you didnt do any thing wrong... customs takes that possible charge outta yer pocket when they pull the seeds.. that their comprimise tho, yer bennefit!

    But Im shure plenty off noobs here will make up some good stories to hold a cultivator down/ make ya paranoid....

    bottom line, seeds are wiighed and measured as MJ... you know how many seeds it takes to weight out a felony? in any state? more than any one here is gonna buy!

    main ticket: if you get a knock on yer door.. say NOTHING!

    lotsa folks in prison for tellin on themselves... not many who didnt say shit!
  6. Thanks for all of your help and feedback! I feel much better now...
  7. Jcommerce, please? You make mention of the particular way the shipment was supposed to be packaged. Please edit your post so no one reading it will know such details.
  8. Sorry Toastybiz, I changed it now. Thanks
  9. Cool. Everyone expecting a shipment thanks you.
  10. Don't worry about it. You won't get in any trouble, you just lost your money and your seeds.

    It doesn't matter if they shipped the seeds 'stealth'; they still came from Amsterdam. Pretty much 90% of mail leaving Amsterdam and entering the United States is searched. Think about it, what do you think is coming out of Amsterdam in a tiny package? Wooden clogs? Custom officials aren't stupid.

    Next time order from someone like DrChronic that is based in England, or somewhere other than Amsterdam or Canada. I've ordered from DC for the past three years and have never had a problem. I made a mistake once and ordered directly from the Netherlands (Nirvana seeds) and wouldnt you know it my seeds were confisicated.

    Good luck in the future.
  11. Thanks, I'm going with the Dr.!

    Still weird that I didn't get the "letter" that everyone always mentions.
  12. Any time someone tries to get me freaked about placing orders like this, I stop to think about the numbers. Although I have no credible or accurate statistics, this works for my purpose: Imagine how many shipments of illegal contraband are made to the United States everyday, a couple thousand of which are probably seeds. Of those seed shipments (from reputable sources) I'm sure less than 5% are intercepted, but that still comprises a massive number of reports. If they did a follow-up investigation of every single case it would be hundreds a day all over the map. If you're only expecting 10 seeds and they are confiscated, I really would beat your head on the wall about it (maybe about the fact that you just wasted money, though :/). The only shipment I've made that never got to me had me wetting myself every time the phone rang. Nothing ever happened. Not slip, no phone call, no visit.

    I'd wager that the DEA/law-enforcement is focusing their efforts on bringing down meth, coke, ecstasy, etc. traffickers, not the hobbyist plant growers.
  13. I'd tend to agree with that. I'm feeling more confident and better about it every day. Hey, would one or two of you give me a green (positive) feedback? Some lame asses started hating on me for stupid reasons and it's got me looking like a problem child since I just joined the forum a few weeks ago. I would greatly appreciate it and certainly return the favor.

  14. just order from someone thats not located in holland ie england i've yet to get a package intercepted it's common nolage that holland sells marijuana seeds so they are more or less on the watch list but i would think if you live in a small town your less likely to get busted as verus lets say new york
  15. Your safe I believe, but in the future I won't sent them to a false address. If they would decide to go after you then they could get the address that excepts the package for conspircey to traffic because your package got intercepted. DEA/Customs will think they agreed to allow you to sent it to their address. That's not cool.

    Someone said a felony was hard to make with seeds. Well where I live 10 seeds can get you a felony and 3 precurser charges can get you 5 year minuim sentence. My state has ZERO tolerance and they are really crackng down.

    Hell I got my plants 20 miles from my home. 7 miles is all hiking. BUT it's worth it.....

    Don't have to worry about buying from undercover cops when you grow your own.
  16. a palmer what state is that? i live in washington i hope your not the same state, im new here and dont really know the laws.

    im planning on ordering something in the near future, i was thinkin about getting a money order from the bank, and then having it shipped to my house under a diff. name, and if theyre are any problems, i could just say that i didnt order it, and its not my name on it. they come in regular mail from dr. chronic right? like an envelope? u dont have to sign anything do u?;)
  17. talking on theses forums is probably just as risky as buying seeds! think are names and Addy's are on a server somewhere... maybe someone else stole them!
  18. Good advice for a newbie.Will order soon.:wave:

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