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    so... i had a seed that looked like a peanut... the is looked like two seeds that like molded into one. will it grow funny? should i treat it special... is that normal... anyway. it germinated great. the root tip grew like at 3x the speed of all the other ones. so if anyone is interested i can keep you posted on it.

    also it split the seed in the first 12 hours in paper towels, and has broken the soil it's first day in dirt.
  2. haha, cool. keep us updated. :)
  3. damn dude u shuld post pics.
  4. This thread needs pictures
  5. yea we gotta see some pics of this!!
  6. so i didnt take a picture before i planted it, but when the shell falls off the sprout i'll get i nice closeup of it, and the sprout. ;)
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    you can very clearly see it's peanut shape. this thing met water for the first time ever less than 48 hours ago and look at it go. you can see it next to it's friend (a normal seed) who has done all of nothing.
  8. it dont look as weird as i was expecting lol, & yea i love it when my seeds germ in a day always a good thing
  9. yeah... guess i made it sound a little exagerated, but i've never seen a seed like that. i've only seen like... round
  10. i know what u mean atleast so far it looks like she'll grow normally lol

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