Seed in my sack?!?! Help!!

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by DopestDope13, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Have a quick question.. So I harvested my Bubba and have had it curing for about a week when I opened the jar I noticed one of the pistils didn't look like it shrank at all come to find out it contains a seed:mad: is this a common occurrence or is it due to pollen getting in my flower tent... Please help
  2. if you only find a few seeds it prob went hermie during flower due to some stress

    no big deal

    i seem to be the lucky person that always finds the seed in the dank weed LOL

    one of my buddies i got weed from for a while i was the only one to ever find seeds in the weed he got(never was a lot but randomly i find one every few bags)

    could always plant it for shits n giggles if its mature

  3. It's already germinating but that makes sense thanks
  4. u got a seed stuck in your sack man! ouch!!
  5. Id be VERY CAUTIOUS with that seed. Only and ONLY IF the plant hermied from stress or lack of light in the middle of the plant will you most likely be ok, BUT if the plant genetics are unstable and it hermed on its own without stresses most likely the plant you get from that seed will also naturally hermie and fuck your shit up. NEVER EVER TRUST A BAG SEED!!!!! Take it from 15 years of experience.

  6. Yeah bro, guess you shouldn't love your girls as much as I do. Not nearly lol

  7. I tossed my bagseed strain and the seed I got never germinated so I think we're in the clear. Thanks :D
  8. I've had amazing luck with bag seeds. My first attempt at growing was 2 bag seeds, both ended up female, had to abort before flowering due to a move. My second and first successful grow was two plants, one was a bagseed the other was the only germinated seed from a old pack of cheese seeds I got from a buddy who obviously didn't store them properly, out of those two the one cheese ended up a male, the bagseed grew out to be amazing strain of unknown kush that I re-vegged to save the strain. My next attempt, which was my last run, was also a clone taken from some bagseed, also female. Right now I have two kinds of OG kush, my unknown kush, two different types of "SARZ" which are bagseed too one that's sativa dominate and one indica dominate, plus a newly popped and planted purple kush bagseed....and my first "paid for" strain is SoCal Master Kush from b.c. Bud depot. Funny thing is that the ONLY times I've had trouble germinating seeds is when These SoCal kush seeds got here and those old cheese seeds. Never had one hermie on me, not bagseed or other. I think if you keep a close eye on the seedlings and mature plants, then you shouldn't worry too much. I'm not saying that you're gonna have the same results as me, but that's my actual experience with my bag seeds
  9. And honestly, my flowering plants and the ones I've harvested so far....have been BOMB!!! they've all been solid strains and solid growing plants. Guess its all a crap shoot. But like I said, out of 30 or so seeds, one male!!! Not bad for regular and bagseeds.

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