seed in a bud! :D

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  1. well i found a seed in a bud, and i planted last week, i was wondering if its wayyyy to late to plant? is it lol :eek:
  2. Put it under a couple cfl lights till it gets to around a foot tall then toss it outside to flower
  3. hmmm......i saw the sprout thingie,too late....or will it still grow under the cfl lights?
  4. Lol of course it will grow under cfl my man it's artificial light
  5. haha right! doesnt weed plant needs wind? if i start doing cfl,then i have to buy a fan?
  6. The fan helps keep the air moving reducing the chance of mold and moderating temperatures the breeze blowing on it also helps build a stronger stem
  7. alright thnks is there any thing else i need to do cfl? its my first time!
  8. At least 100watts of daylight bulbs for veg and soft white for flowering, keep them as close as possible u should be able to just wave ur hand between the bulb an plant without touching either one

    I'll get a couple of the guys to help u out too, were all cfl maniacs and all love helping novice growers
  9. SPDT! Subbed. Hello :)
  10. Keep the light about an inch or two from the plant. Seems close but it needs to be close. If its really small, maybe 2 inches at most tho. What kind of soil you using?
    if you can keep the air flowing you should be okay with the mold. i live in a very humid area and haven't had any mold problems. you can super crop or lst to make your plants base much stronger without the fan. (I still recommend the fan though) I don't have one yet, just plenty of air movement
  12. make sure you are looking at the actual watts on the bulb and NOT the equivalent wattage.
  13. Air flow can help with mold, temps, strengthening stems, and fresh CO2. Plants need CO2 to do photosynthesis
  14. go blow on your plants now and then... lol.... i do that sometimes... not really hard just cuz i still don't have a darn fan and I feel like they like the little breeze.
  15. lol hey how its going :smoke:

    im using fox farm! the seedling is on the surface now!

    hmmm.... what kind of fan should i get? i have this huge fan,ill take a picture of it

    hmmm im learning hear lol,what type of light do you recomemnd? :)
  16. Fox Farm is great. Remember you don't need any nutes for a couple weeks at least. The soil has plenty already. Just water when needed. What size pots?
  17. Compact Florescent Lights (cfl)


    the third light has the spiral inside the bulb looking casing. i don't use those
  18. do you have a PH meter?

  19. securedownload (2).jpg

    idk the size gallon thinigie,i got this at the 99 cents store

    and i dont have a ph meter, what do you recomend?

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  20. digital is best.... but i use the ph liquid test kit from my hydro store. you will also want to grab some ph up and ph down... that's the real name of it. it only takes like a drop per gallon to raise or lower your ph with the stuff

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