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Seed help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alidaman, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Never grown marijuana before. still live with parents. my materials include: some compost, plant pot, seeds, water and a UV blacklight.

    These seeds were given to me free of charge by a mate. im not THAT intrested in growing weed, but i figure it's something to fill some time with. he gave me around 60 seeds, so if this DOES fail its okay anyway seeing as i have plenty of seeds to go around.

    Obviously being in england and all, we dont get MUCH sun. i can fully utilize the windowsil as barely anybody lives around here. but i was mainly wondering would my spare UV blacklight be of any aid to my plans....

    This is the exact model that i have...... Fluorescent UV Blacklight : Party Lighting : Maplin

    Thanks :)
  2. black light will not work, i suggest you do some reading before you get yourself into some trouble
  3. well thats why i came here (y)
  4. If you check out the grow sections there is a lot of stuff that you could go over. I suggest you do as much research as you possibly can on it before you start.

    Also if you plan on growing indoors, you got yourself some pretty wicked parents!
  5. Doubt you will get much help in this section of the forum man.. Scroll down to the growing section and read some guides.. Thats the best idea for you before getting started.. Blacklight is not going to work and you will need way more light than just window light. Also you have a lot more stuff to think about and supplies you will need to get started than what you listed. A decent indoor grow will cost you minimum 150 I'd say. I spent 500 to get mine up and going. Don't think you really know what you are getting yourself into in my opinion but hope it works out.

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