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  1. alright i know this is my first post and i'm supposed to look for something before i make a topic about it but i couldnt really find anything related so i was curious..

    i'm about to start growing hydroponically and i was wondering if anyone knows a reliable, legit site that will deliver seeds to the u.s

    i know a few people who have ordered and the chronic didnt really turn out as pictured on the companies website..

    just curious if anyone can help me out..
  2. How long did you look? Really? You couldn't find this ---> a few lines down from the category you posted in? LOL. Sorry, no offense but...... LMAO. I hope you devote more time to the actual grow than you have searching for seeds. LMAO.
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    It's like McDonald's having the picture of the nice juicy Big Mac on the menu.. have you ever gotten a sandwich that looked like that? lol.. The bud on the company's website is grown under 1000w+ HPS lights with all the best conditions and methods.. They are going to take the fattest juiciest plants and play the results off as though buying their seed packet alone is all you need. And the few people you know are probably your buddies who don't have the experience or equipment to pull that off (no offense, I don't know your friends, i'm just generalizing).

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