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    Hi guys im new to GC but have been around here as a guest for about 2 years. I have resear hed Mary Jane and growing for about 4-5 years and have been smoking it for roughly the same amount of time as my research. One of my buddy's got a good deal of $80 for a half Oz of Jack Herrer and we found a seed in it that seemed to not Crack, while this happened I also found a very weird different seed in my bud and decided to pop both of the seeds in peat pellets and do a mini grow for winter, basically my question is does everything look good so far? 20141006_225022.jpg 20141006_225101.jpg 20141006_225111.jpg 20141006_225802.jpg 20141006_225929.jpg 20141006_225916.jpg

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    Hi guys. I put the peat pellets with the seeds in better containers for now and have also try ed to make it so that it losses less humidity and stay moist, BTW the humidity around the peat pellets is around 52 and Temps are between 67-75 all day around. 20141008_215227.jpg 20141008_215245.jpg 20141008_215549.jpg
  3. Thanks man. Use full link :)
  4. Or read up on here since thats what this site is dont want that so wet or you're going to get damping off and lockout from overwatering when its bigger..take it out of the standing water and squeeze some of the water out..weed likes damp soil not waterlogged
  5. Alright IL make sure I do that ASAP Thanks TinTizzy.
  6. Forgot to add tintizzy I added the water because 1 day after I put the seeds in I felt the peat pellet and it felt a bit dry so I decided to put a bit of water so that it doesn't dry out.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving guys.
    Its been 5 days since i poped the seeds in soil and i still havent seen anything pop from the soil not even a small growth or anything. Just wondering do you guys think everything is okay or should i just dig up my 2 seeds and see what went wrong and call this grow a quit.
  8. Mine always come up within 4 days of planting but i have read of others waiting as long as 3 weeks before calling it quits on a seed.
  9. Thanks jonny that gave me some faith. I will probably wait 1 week more and then see what happens.

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