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  1. Looking for seeds or information on strains, seedfinder is a search engine that can answer both questions. Where can I buy the seed and which strains were used to create the seeds. Not every seeds has a known lineage, but most of the ones I searched for had some information. User interface allows growers to post information about a strain they grew including phenotypes found, flowering time, height, yield and other.

    Not a seed bank, just a tool to locate seeds and information on the seeds you are looking for. You can also locate clones of strains, and will post a map to get you there.

    SeedFinder - The Cannabis-Strain-Search-Engine 2.0
  2. Ben a member for a couple of yr's now,,good info. My fav part is "Map that shit". Very helpful when looking for info on which strain's to grow next:smoke:
  3. This is precisely what I've been needing. Should help my indecisiveness greatly... or make it worse. So many choices and all. lol

    Thanks for sharing, appreciate it. :)
  4. love this site
  5. I also use this site and find it very good recommend it too anyone.

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