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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by MagicMike04, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Call me paranoid, as I'm sure most of you understand paranoia, but I live in the U.S (not by any real choice) and all of these seed sites say they do NOT send seeds to the US. However this wouldnt be a big problem seeing as how I dont really want to get seeds from the internet anyway, thats sketch enough as it is, but none of my bags have beaners in them...I haven't seen a bag of dank with any beaners in it in like 4 years. Someone has some dank scam going on.

  2. HIGH All, so what's your point!!!!!!! Have you any tales to tell us of your mishaps..if not this thread will be deleted soon. Pm follows.
  3. the fact is...monsanto is trying to overrun the seed world. if i waz u, id send them an email.

    nice to see lucid ppl hangin at our little community

  4. lol, any good stuff shouldn,t have seeds :D

  5. Most if not all the seed banks listed @ which say World Wide Shipping ship kannabis seed to the USA successfully every day.

    Good Growing!

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