seed companies and how they calculate yield/meter2

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  1. I've been looking over seeds online and i always see them state the yield per sq. meter.

    how are they planting them? SOG?

    a meter is about 3 feet, so a square meter is about 9 sq feet, so 9 plants?

    thanks for the replies guys
  2. they mean in a 3d square meter if ur using a 1000 watt hps. so in a meterxmeterxmeter u might get the yeild they say.
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    There is no standard. It can be one huge plant or several small ones. People pay waaaay too much attention to those stats. The breeders are a business that is trying to sell you seeds. Breeders are going to be growing out dozens, if not hundreds of plants of a strain. They are going to have it dialed in, they are going to know what technique works best for said strain, and they are going to be able to find that rare pheno that yields a ton. If anything, if can give you a good idea of a strain's yield relative to that same breeder's other strains. Other than that, pretty useless in my opinion. It's mostly just marketing.
  4. as far as iknow 1g per watt or better is what people shoot for

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