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    This is the greatest site for this stuff ever!I never had any problem, they always respond to the e-mails within 24 hours, delivery is fast, the prices are good and the best selector. This is the better site who I use .They give me a discount every time when I order seeds and I will definitely order again. I really recommended them!!

  2. The people at Seed City are magnificent.
    The selection is breathtaking and the prices are more than fair.
    Most importantly their customer service is above and beyond any web site not only seed banks.
    They have been in touch to make sure my order arrived and they certainly make every effort to make it feel you are dealing with friends.
    Also they give away seeds every day on their FB page - I will never go anywhere else to buy seeds
  3. Hmm definately not odd that both these accounts have 1 post.
  4. Yes haha the advertisements are blatantly obvious.

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