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  1. whats up city for next growing season i was gonna do an outdoor with some sativas. my main choices so far are ice, Durban poison, and haze. i am probably gonna order from dr. chronic too. do these seem alright? any other reccomandations are greatly appreciated or just any input at all. btw i really wanted to find c99 but cant find a reliable website they all seem sketchy
  2. cool... ANOTHER sativa lover... welcome to the club brother! why do you say that the sites that carry joey weed & brothers grimm are sketchy? i've never ordered from them, but have had no problems with doc or gypsy.

    as to sativas... it's a huge world out there. my sativa collection includes
    C99 splash
    (A11g X LH) X A11g
    (both cindy & apollo with some pure sativa lien huanh in it)
    kali mist
    haze skunk
    pure power plant
    mixed sativa
    (sativa seed bank)
    SADP skunk freebies that are probably as 0% viable as my first batch of freebies.

    if you're growing outdoors, you wouldn't need to go with smaller sativa dominants like C99. i chose her for closet growing.

    kali mist is totally a MUST HAVE sativa. it isn't the cheapest strain in the world, but the onlt thing i've had that's better is mega trippy 1980s pinecone scented thai. KM isn't trippy, but it's super energetic & euphoric and has a delicious crushed red pepper flavor. it's supposed to be a favorite with the ladies and i'd darn sure bring THAT with me on a date before a trippy & paranoid sativa which is what i like best. when i smoked KM, i couldn't sit still and cleaned my house with a stupid grin on my face humming "don't worry, be happy" and i HATE cleaning house. it's a very special strain

    how much are you planning on spending? there are alot of ultra great strains out there that cost $100+ though. most of them are recent award winners like:
    love potion #1
    mother's finest
    arjan's haze
    sour diesel.

    if you're considering C99 and aren't price gouging, you might want to step up to sour diesel. the high is similar according to the cannabible, but most people seem to think that sour-D is one of the best tasting strains in the world. i just can't wrap my head around fuel though. pineapples & flowers are more my speed

    one of the cannabible's favorite sativas is metal haze and if you want a haze that's supposed to be better than original or neville's, i've heard good buzz around arjan's hazes.

    strawberry cough gets alot of raves but CB says that the seeds you get arent as good as cuttings from the original

    if you EVER can find it, look for mr greengenes cherrybomb, not to be confused with the other cherrybombs, it's pure sativa, but i haven't seen a bank carrying it in a few years

    CB likes HP13 X oaxacan haze saying it's potent and energetic and the butterscotch rum & coke tutti fruity flavor sounds interesting. oaxican gold is one of the trippiest strains

    mothers finest has phenos with tutti fruity (juicy fruit) flavors too from it's highland thai parant. it also has jack herer & haze (i think) with mapleleaf indica to keep the size down, but most of the phenos are sativa. you'd get some variety with that one

    martian mean green (G13 haze)
    is a recent award winner and G13 is one of the top breeding indicas

    stonehenge is based on cambodian and is supposed to be really trippy.

    canalope haze haze X michiocan might be good. i think i noted it because CB called it a top 3 strain.

    on the lower price front, there are some nice pure sativas out there like
    burmese - lemony, mellow & trippy
    burmaberry - is an indica hybrid that is one of an experienced grower's favorites. it has a peach flavor.
    malawi gold - lemony, fruity, potent, trippy & long lasting. i plan on using this as my "thai replacement" in a 25% (ala skunk #1) cross with california orange as the indica. i'd like to see if lemony sativas and an orange indica can create a sativa with more of an orange flavor.
    senor garcia looks interesting
    bodhi sativa along with other new sativas at reeferman sound awesome eg. panama red! (can it be true? are they the real deal?)
    black would be interesting if it's vietnamese black.
    and i can't remember the others. maybe pure cambodian.

    cambodian, vetnamese & thai are all similar to haze from what i've read

    the vietnamese lien huanh in my C99s & A11s is one of the trippiest strains in the world but i think it's extinct unless someone besides spice brothers has it. they had some awesome pure sativas.

    finally, destroyer looks good in pictures, but might not be that potent from a rumor i heard way back. those crystal clear resin heads are a thing of beauty though to be sure!

    i don't know if seeds are available, but snerval is supposed to be one of the trippiest strains in the world according to CB. he revies alot of clone only & single grower strains though
  3. first off i love your posts lol theyre just so informative, any questions that i have you have more than enough to say + rep fo sho. i was looking into Burmese too but to be honest i haven't even heard of some of these strains they sound awesome though. whats your opinion on Durban poison? ive heard many good things about nirvana dp and its only like 26 $ on docs. ill definitely check out your recommendations though. thanks dude!:hello:

    and btw i laughed my ass off about cleaning your house. i did the same exact thing and didnt even notice what i was doing till later. my friend told me the bud was called pink panther. i dont know if thats real or not but i was ripped. probably the most energetic and all around fun high ive ever had in my life. the bud was literally pink in some parts.
  4. i forgot this too. what are some good places to get c99. im not saying brothers grimm is sketchy i just havent really found any places. i did see one but it looked like someone made the website on microsoft paint. i just couldnt trust it. if you could give me a link thatd be tight. and i forgot to add my price ranges for seeds are around like $60 i dont wanna blow too much if i mess up this is my first high quality grow
  5. i'm pressed for time, check the other C99 threads here. there are links there for hempdepot & some other site i can't remember.

    as to durban poison... i've actually smoked that one and have a love/hate relationship with it. i totally HATE the taste of black licorice and that's what it really tastes like. the flavor gave me light dry heaves. if you like licorice though, it's a super exotic flavor sure to impress anyone you pop it on. even as much as i hate the taste, i wouldn't hesitate a second to smoke some right now. the uplifting and slightly euphoric high nearly bnrought a tear to my eye after 15+ years of missing thai and despising the indicas that replaced it. it grows pretty compact too, but i doubt it's truly 100% sativa. it might be 100% inbred, but the leaves are too wide to be pure sativa.

    thanks a bunch for the compliments. i guess i like hanging out and shooting the breeze here because i'm totally dry 99% of the time. i don't have a connection and smoking again for the first time since the christmas before last recently is getting me motivated to quit jerking off about growing like i've done for 20+ years!

    i ESPECIALLY like helping sativa lovers because i dream of sativas some day making a comeback once everyone realizes just how evil and shitty the cash crop beasters they're used to are. i'll be GIVING my excess away for the cause! LOL

    there are too many interesting sativas out there with not enough coverage for sure. i eventually got banned from overgrow (when it was still around) for telling one too many trolls who got tired of me constantly trying to windowshop for the "ultimate indoor thai" to go fuck themselves. oh well. after a year+ of begging and pleading for information about high SPECIFICS to no avail i got frustrated until i learned about C99.

    everyone else was suggesting super silver haze, jack herer and a few apollo 11s, but i don't want anything that couchlocks or even smells skunky even if it doesn't so deep is my contempt for indicas. it was hard getting the info because no-one was growing it yet 3-4 years ago.

    speaking of "quality info" stop by my strainbase thread for a visit and YOUR 2 cents. a few of us are trying to build a strainbase with all of that hard to find info, better smoke reporting, and super easy navigation eg. you could do a search for just 100% sativas, or qualities of high like trippy or energetic or flavors etc.

    so far, people are stopping in, but not adding anything to it sadly, but if you stopped in and added just ONE good idea (more are better) i'd be most grateful to you. the project needs some input to be "so freakin' awesome you'll never want to leave".

    even voting for a favorite page design is SOMETHING ;)

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