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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Wooody, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Hey there all,
    Long time smoker, first time grower! I am taking a leap into growing my own bud, and have a couple of questions on seeds.

    Firstly, I've been told that Northern Lights is a good first-time grow, anyone have any more suggestions?

    And secondly, from reading up on it a bit, I have concluded that male plants are definitely not what you want - why is this, and how do I avoid it?

    Oh, and thirdly, I am aiming to grow just enough for myself, girlf and a couple of friends, not make money from it or anything - is 3 million watts of lighting an absolute must? And if so what type of (affordable!) bulbs do I need? I will be growing indoors in a pretty big, vented, bright spare room

    Cheers in advance, Wooody
  2. well welcome to the site, you'll need to keep reading, and when you think your done, read it all again, try the link that's in my sig, it'll help you, and also use the search button as your first search would be to look in the growbox and room design forum, that way you'll know what's needed by similar blades having the same size of room as you are planning on using..........from that you'll find out what kind and size of light is needed, grow journals are a good read, learn from the mistakes others have made, and make your first grow run a bit smoother...........

    Peace out.............Sid
  3. Back to lighting...

    I was just in Walmart (Germany) and they had a few bulbs going cheap, so thought I'd try to be a bit clever. I got one of these|871150001856410+++&t=3&tree=0&scr_md=1111#

    for 1.50 euros. Are they any good for what I require? There were another 5 or so for the same price. Also they had a few Philips Spotone 100 Watt bulbs for a few cents. Or am I aiming far too low here?! Cheers.
  4. Na homie that looks like a halogen light from here. A great light for lighting up the outside a bit for thoose keggers, but not for growing.

    You're going to need florescent (pardon my spelling) lighting, at the least. Thoose are thoose long tube lights, and they also sell "compact florescents" which we refer to as cfl's. Thoose would be the minium that you would need.

    You're best bet is high pressure sodium, or metal halide.... Read sid's grow guide, and see what you can find.
  5. I'm a first timer too. I did a lot of research on the Amsterdam webs and learned a lot. I'm growing in a small area, White Widow seeds, as they are shorter, bushier plants and have killer buds, covered in trychomes. As for lights, the MH (metal halide) is great for vegatative growth and HPS (high pressure sodium) is best for flowering. This is due to the color spectrum and how it effects the plants.
    You'll find all the answers just surfing and chatting. Use "Keyword" Marijuana seeds and you'll get lots of information on each variety.
  6. Thanks for your advice everyone. I've learnt a lot looking on the net already. I think I was a little naive as far as lights went, I'm now eyeing up stuff like this for flowering...

    but can someone tell me which one I want, under 20 quid a throw ideally. And what is the difference between internal and external ignitor?

    ....and something like these for the vegitative period...

    Am I looking along the right lines now? I'm thinking of planting 10 seeds and just growing the successful females, (so what, at the most 5 plants?), so will 1 each of those be enough? Will prob just put them both on throughout the growing period. Space is not a problem as they'll be in a 15 square metre spare room.

    EDIT... Oh yeah, shoot me down if I'm barking up the wrong tree here, but is it possible to put a HPS/MH bulb into one of these?... Would seem like a cheap way to be able to mount and aim the lighting.

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