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Seed casings stuck

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GrowBake, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I have 1 seed that's growing much slower than the rest that I've planted, it also has the seed's casing still completely attached to the sprout (pic below). I've heard to just let it do its own thing, I've heard that removing the casing will kill the plant, and I've also heard taking it off is the way to go.
    Just looking for a little direction. Any help is appreciated.

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  2. no worries bro if you look at my grow the same shit happened i was scared shit less xD haha itll fall by itself in 2 days dont pull it or the true leaves will rip and stunt grow at immediate stop.
  3. Thanks man!
  4. hows the seed doing?
  5. It's trying....

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  6. just wait 1 more day i bet. spray water on it to soften up the shell.
  7. I spray it every day in hopes I'll be able to stop looking at it. Lol
  8. I plucked one off that was like that. I used a tooth pick and just barely swiped at it about 20 times and it slowly worked it's way off and the leaves opened right up.
  9. I'll give it another day before I do something like that.
  10. i know man i hate starring at my plants when the seed is still on like it looks weird xD
  11. Lol. I know right? The rest of my babies look awesome. Then there's the retarded one with the casing stuck.
  12. make a grow thread soon xD i wanna see it go through all its cycle.
  13. Good idea. I just may.
  14. itll be sick man. ill sub to that shit.
  15. Here are the rest of the babies I planted the same day as the one with the casing stuck:

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  16. What strain?
  17. Hahaha it looks like a tard next to all those huge plants. you should transplant them soon.
  18. White Russian
  19. They should be transplanted soon.
  20. Awesome strain!

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