Seed Bomb?

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  1. Hey everyone,
    This year I was wanting to do some gurilla growing. I am wanting to plant veggies as well as herbs..... If you know what I mean. I want something that will be very low maintence. I want to be able to deposit the seed in the grow location and go. First hurdle is the seed bomb..

    Here is the idea: Mix up a batch of hot cereal (oatmeal, malt-o-meal, cream of wheats, etc.). After it is cooked, pour it into an icecube tray. Let it cool and then insert whatever seed into the center of the cube. Toss it into the freezer for a couple of hours, just long enough to make the cube kinda hard and easy to remove from the trays.

    I will be doing an expeirement myself to see how well it works, but I am looking for some thoughts as to how the outcome will be or just some ideas to improve the method.

  2. oatmeal ? WTF ?
  3. .....So your going to eat them?
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    mmmmm oatmeal :smoke:
  5. Uhhhh what??? Good luck i think...
  6. When I saw the title of this thread, I thought you were literally making a bomb filled with seeds to distribute seeds all over a huge area.

    Then I saw oatmeal come into the equation, and that's when it just went downhill.

    I start seeing shit about semi-frozen oatmeal seed cubes and how you need to test them?

  7. i dont get the oatmeal.. ive read these can be made with crayola air-dry clay, if your really that set on using them. no need to destroy a bunch of perfectly good seeds and some delicious outmeal bro, stick to what u know works

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